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Warsaw. They recognized each other in photos from the 1960s and 1970s. The negatives were stored in the basement of the community center

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– Thanks to these photos, we rejuvenated for a moment, we are in our teens again – said the residents who recognized themselves in the recently found photos from half a century ago. Negatives from the 1960s and 1970s were stored in the basement of the Youth Cultural Center at Łazienkowska Street. They were found by chance during cleaning works.

We informed about the find on tvnwarszawa.pl. For cartons with made in the 1960s and 1970s negatives employees of MDK came across while cleaning the basement. – The albums on top turned out to be empty and we wanted to use them for current activities. But something touched me and I looked deeper. Real treasures were hidden under the layer of empty albums. As it turned out, some of the albums contained real photographic gems – reported Tomasz Tuszkowski, deputy director of MDK Łazienkowska.

The negatives show both people and events related to the activities of the Youth Cultural Centre, as well as scenes captured on the streets of Warsaw.

We managed to reach several people from the photos

Officials ensure that the finds have been properly secured, scanned and made available to the inhabitants of Warsaw. Thanks to the cooperation of from the Center for Social Archives and the establishment of the educational project “Stories with a Soul”, we have already managed to find several people who remember the classes and workshops presented in the photos.

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Representatives of the district met Mrs. Anna, Mr. Wojciech, Mrs. Marta, Mrs. Małgorzata, Mr. Grzegorz and Mr. Janusz. – Our guests talked about the past years spent in MDK Łazienkowska and shared their stories from their youth. Aleksander Ferens, the mayor of the Śródmieście District, gave them small gifts on the occasion, Paweł Siedlecki, the spokesman for the Śródmieście District Office, informed.

Main photo source: Śródmieście District Office

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