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Warsaw. They recorded themselves abusing a teenager. They beat their heads, burned them with cigarettes. Six people detained

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They are beaten and humiliated. Two recordings are circulating in the network, showing how a group of teenagers is tormenting a young boy. The case of a beating in one of the towns near Warsaw, after notifying the parent of the injured boy, is being investigated by the Warsaw police. Six people were detained, three of them had previously beaten a minor.

The first video, less than a minute long, was posted online on Saturday. It shows a group of teenagers kicking a lying boy. They humiliate him, profanity is spoken, and young people laugh.

“I just choked him today”

In the second, six-minute recording, we hear one of the girls notice that the boy already has a black eye. Her friend replies, “I just choked him today.” Young people make him apologize on his knees. There are also words: “Every day the amount you have to give increases by five tenner”, “You have to apologize to me on your knees, otherwise it won’t fucking pass”.

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One of the girls tells the beaten man to kiss her hand, and when the boy does, she hits him. Everyone extorts cigarettes from him, checks his phone. The video ends with a series of punches and kicks, including to the head.

The case of the beating, after notifying the parent of the injured boy, is being investigated by the police. – We have accepted the application – Rafał Rutkowski from the press department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters told us on Sunday morning.


Before 3 p.m., Sylwester Marczak, spokesman for the Warsaw Police Headquarters, announced the arrest of six people aged 14-16. Three of them, he noted, had previously beaten a minor. The incident, he said, happened at the end of February.

One person reported himself to the command. – All persons are interrogated as perpetrators of a criminal act. In this situation, different roles were played, some are aggressive, some encourage a given behavior, one person is recording. All persons have been detained, as all will be charged in connection with these events. The charges will depend on the court’s decision, the spokesman said.

Sylwester Marczak did not want to reveal details about the motivation: – As for the reason for the behavior of teenagers, there is absolutely no excuse for such an act – he said.

He also appealed not to share the recording of the beating. When asked about the health of the beaten boy, the policeman said that in this case the most important thing is psychological help that will be provided.

“The Learned Way”

– I think that the way these young people learned how to gain applause, recognition, respect from their peers is very important in this case – psychologist Aleksandra Piotrowska commented on TVN24.

“The dominant motive is precisely to gain a solid position through these behaviors, unfortunately, they get it in a sick way” she added.

She also noted that there is no indication that we have had more similar behavior recently. – Aggression has always accompanied us, it is present now, it will occur in the future. Thanks to the ease of filming and sharing them, thanks to social media, we simply know more about this term today – she said.

Psychologist Aleksandra Piotrowska about the event TVN24

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