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Warsaw. They stole cars, detained Lala and Góral

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Two car theft suspects have been arrested by the Metropolitan Police. The men fell when they tried to move the stolen car to a hollow near Wołomin.

For several months, police officers from the car crime department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters have been working to arrest two active thieves operating in Warsaw.

“According to the findings of the policemen, every week the highest ranked men aged 38 and 49 in the hierarchy of car thieves stole up to 10 cars from Warsaw parking lots. These were mostly Japanese and Korean cars, which immediately after the theft ended up in a hollow near Wołomin, where were dismantled for parts. Criminals were so bold that they committed these thefts in broad daylight, “the KSP states in a communiqué.

Ambush, roadblock, broken windows

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Last Wednesday, the police learned that people who may be related to these thefts intend to steal another car in Praga Południe. They determined that around 11.30 a.m. they stole a Toyota CHR from the parking lot, and one of the thieves is moving along the beltway towards the place where the car was to be dismantled for parts. The officers prepared a blockade and an ambush.

“They did it in a place that was the safest to carry out this type of action. Despite the fact that they blocked the escaping thieves’ escape route, they tried to ram the blockade and run over the intervening officers. Therefore, the policemen decided to immediately break the windows in the vehicles they used and force them stoppage,” KSP explains.

“In the working vehicle, police officers found electrical devices used to steal vehicles: Codegrabber, i.e. a key emulator, commonly known as a gameboy, tools for plugging into sockets in the bus, Can-bus, thanks to which they also stole vehicles, as well as GSM and GPS jammers, which turned out to be ineffective as a result.

Charges and arrest for two men

The men arrested were charged with three counts of theft and burglary of vehicles. They will also be responsible for failing to stop for a roadside inspection. A request was also sent to the prosecutor’s office to initiate an investigation against both detainees on charges of active assault on police officers. At the request of the prosecutor’s office, the court issued a decision to pre-trial detention for the 38-year-old and the 49-year-old.

Main photo source: KSP

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