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Warsaw. They stopped a pickpocket on the bus and informed the victim that she had been robbed

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By applying the following rules, you can significantly reduce the effects of actions that pickpockets can take against you. · in dangerous places, keep your handbag, sachet in front, with the closure facing you; do not keep money in one place, separate it and put it in different places; · carry the keys to the apartment in a different place than the documents with the address – if the thief obtains such a set, he may rob your apartment before you have time to react; · if you have more money – avoid crowded buses. Better to wait a few minutes for the next bus than to be robbed; · do not keep your wallet and documents in the back pockets of trousers, outer pockets of jackets, in the side pockets of bags; · when paying for the purchased goods, do not show the entire contents of the wallet, it is best to have the amount of money deducted in advance; · when measuring your wardrobe, packing errands, paying in the store, do not put your handbag on the floor or counter – even such a short moment is enough for a thief; · pay attention to the “artificial crowd” and fuss around you in a store, bus or other place; Increase your vigilance if you notice a group of young people at a bus stop with bags or clothing slung over their hands. This serves to mask the moment of penetration, perhaps your pockets; avoid using any suspicious services on the street, such as divination, gambling, bargain purchases, etc.

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