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Warsaw. They threaten children training in the Polish community and their parents

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“Do not train in Polonia! Training in Polonia can cause irreversible changes in the child’s psyche – comparable to rape” – say posters that appeared on the streets of Warsaw. The club from Konwiktorska comments that attempts to intimidate children are crossing a line “that no one should ever approach”.

A photo of the poster appeared on the social media of the Ultras Enigma group, which brings together the most ardent fans of the Black Shirts. More quickly appeared, proving that the cards were pasted in Bielany. A journalist from “Gazeta Stołeczna” wrote that he came across such, among others. next to primary school number 133 and the Stare Bielany metro station. Our reporter, who arrived in the afternoon, found only the remains of the poster. But it was definitely the same pattern.

Remains of a poster at SP 133tvnwarszawa.pl

Remains of a poster at the Stale Bielany metro stationtvnwarszawa.pl

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Comparisons to rape

The poster shows the crossed out coat of arms of Polonia Warszawa. Under the slogan “Don’t train in Polonia!” the authors list several arguments-threats that are supposed to disgust young football players, as well as their parents, about the relationship with the Black Shirts.

“- Training in Polonia can cause irreversible changes in the child’s psyche – comparable to rape – Polonia is not welcome in the entire Mazowieckie Voivodeship – At every step, both fans and players of Polonia are beaten. There were also cases of beating parents – Peers on every step will create a sense of danger in the child: insults, teasing, beating, taking children – For bandits from other clubs, it does not matter whether they are dealing with children or adults in the colors of the Polish Diaspora – The risk of beating after each match is very high. scarf or shirt.

The rhyme ends with another threat: “Think twice, life is only one.” (We keep the original spelling.)

The text is accompanied by pictures of children with signs of beatings on their faces. In one, a few-year-old is held by an adult man by the hair. The other hand, clenched into a fist, is held close to the face of a child who has a hematoma on his eye.

The club addressed the matter on social media. He noted that “a line has been crossed that no one should ever approach”.

“We are with you, we stand by each and every one of you. Threats sent by fans of another team are a desperate attempt to influence you. It results from the fact that people who came up with such an idea know perfectly well that they have come across steadfast Varsovians They know, in their powerlessness, that there is only so much they can do – try to intimidate the children,” the club said in a statement. KS Polonia assured that “there is no permission for such actions”.

Notification to the police

The club does not provide any other comments. All we heard was that a police report had been filed. The Żoliborz-Bielanie command confirmed this fact.

– On Monday, around 1 p.m., a representative of the Polonia Warszawa club reported that posters discrediting the club were hung in Bielany. We will carry out activities aimed at determining who hung these posters, whether it was one person or a group of people – said tvnwarszawa.pl sub-inspector Elwira Kozłowska, press officer of the Warsaw V District Police Headquarters.

Main photo source: Paweł Supernak/PAP

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