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Warsaw. They want to deprive the veteran of compensation for repression. Warsaw Council: it’s scandalous and shameful

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The Warsaw Council adopted a position opposing the attempts to deprive the Warsaw Uprising veteran Anna Jakubowska “Paulinka” of compensation for the repression. The verdict in this case was handed down in December last year. However, he was appealed by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw and Piotr Schab, disciplinary spokesman for judges and the president of the Capital District Court.

The position was supported by 57 councilors, one person abstained from voting, no one was against. The letter was presented by the chairman of the Warsaw Council, Ewa Malinowska-Grupińska. “The Council of the Capital City of Warsaw expresses its opposition to the attempts to deprive Ms Anna Jakubowska, aka Paulinka, of compensation for repressions from the communist period,” she read.

“It’s monstrously cruel”

The position emphasized that Anna Jakubowska is one of the last living soldiers of the famous “Zośka” battalion. “She belonged to the Gray Ranks. At the outbreak of the uprising, she was 17 years old. As a nurse and liaison officer, she walked the combat route from Wola through the Old Town and Śródmieście to Czerniaków. She was injured. She was awarded the Cross of Valor for her actions” – it was written.

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A participant in the 1949 uprising – on the basis of the law on attempts to forcibly remove the supreme authority of the nation and attempted by force to change the political system of the Polish state – was sentenced to five years in prison, and then her sentence was extended to eight years.

“Ultimately, she spent 5.5 years in prison. She was tortured physically and mentally. After her release, she continued to suffer repression. She was unable to continue her studies or find a job. The imprisonment also ruined her health and private life. She was not acquitted until 1957.” – read the chairman of the council.

The statement recalled that in December 2021 the court awarded Anna Jakubowska compensation for the wrongs suffered during the Stalinist era.

“For the inhabitants of Warsaw, the Warsaw Uprising has a special meaning. Our duty is to preserve the memory of it and to care for the living heroes. Attempts by state officials to challenge the judgment awarding + Paulinka + compensation for the terrible harm she suffered are scandalous and disgraceful. We call on people and institutions. responsible for these actions until their immediate cessation “- stated the councilors.

The chairman of the Warsaw Council drew attention to the age of the uprising from herself. – Any extension of the case may only mean that time will not allow her to take this compensation from her, so it seems to me all the more cruelly – said Malinowska-Grupińska.

“War is something absolutely, ultimately wrong”30.07. | “I associate the canal with the worst. This is how I imagine hell in these scariest descriptions. First of all, a man is crammed into a very small space. He cannot straighten up because he has to be bent over all the time. It is dark, it smells monstrous. But the most important and the most important. the worst is the darkness and the lack of sky, the lack of the world around – says Anna Jakubowska, aka “Paulinka” in an interview with Magda Łucyan.tvn24

The prosecutor’s office will examine the validity of the appeal

On December 13, 2021, a woman was awarded PLN 9 million in compensation in the District Court of the Capital City of Warsaw. Gazeta Wyborcza reported that two appeals were filed with the court. The judgment was appealed by: the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw and on behalf of the State Treasury – Piotr Schab, disciplinary spokesman for judges and the president of the District Court in Warsaw. According to Schab, the amount of the judgment should be reduced to three million.

The appeal sparked a wave of comments. A veteran of the Warsaw Uprising Wanda Traczyk-Stawska critically assessed the actions of the prosecutor’s office and the disciplinary spokesman of judges on compensation for Anna Jakubowska “Paulinka”. – She has suffered wounds that are unimaginable for the average person, especially for women. On the other hand Senator Krzysztof Kwiatkowski said it was “a shameful situation”. – There is no money to evaluate it, if you spend years in a Stalinist prison – said the politician on TVN24.

The National Public Prosecutor’s Office ensures that it will investigate the merits of this complaint. – Public Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro ordered the National Prosecutor’s Office to conduct an urgent – due to the advanced age of Anna Jakubowska “Paulinka” – analysis of the legitimacy of the appeal – TVN24 informed TVN24 on Thursday Łukasz Łapczyński, the press spokesman of the National Prosecutor’s Office.

As he emphasized, “the priority of the prosecutor general is to restore justice and defend the dignity of independence activists harassed by the communist authorities, whose sacrifice and effort contributed to Poland regaining independence and creating civilization opportunities for the development of the Homeland and Poles”.

Łapczyński also recalled that the prosecutor general had previously submitted extraordinary complaints in situations where courts in such cases refused or granted inadequate claims for compensation for stay in communist prisons.

Main photo source: PAP

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