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Warsaw. They want to set up bus lanes on Głębocka in the summer. Where will they launch the next one?

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Road workers are preparing for the changes announced last year in the line of Głębocka and św. Vincent. One of the most important is to mark out a bus lane, which will make it easier for the inhabitants of Białołęka to reach the metro station in Bródno. This will not be the only bus lane to be built this year. Research shows that in places where such facilities appear, the number of passengers in buses increases significantly.

In October last year The Municipal Roads Authority announced that the bus lane along Głębocka and św. Wincentego will be built on the section from the S8 route to the intersection with Kondratowicza. Lanes for buses will be built in both directions – to make it easier for passengers to travel from the metro towards Białołęka, as the city assured. On the western side of Głębocka and św. Wincentego bus lanes will be built from the “CH Targówek 03” bus stop to Kondratowicza Street. On the eastern side, the bus lane will start at the intersection with Przy Grodzisku and Malborska streets, and will end at the “CH Targówek 03” stop. On these sections, where today there is only one lane, the carriageway will be widened. When should the first works be expected?

They want to set up bus lanes in the summer

– The bus lane is being built under the contract with the manager of the shopping center and it is their responsibility to prepare the design documentation, so we are waiting for it to be received from them. I think it’s a matter of a few weeks. If we received it in May, we would like to find a contractor so that the main works will take place in the summer. This would be the optimal solution – said Jakub Dybalski, spokesman for ZDM.

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The investment along Głębocka is also intended to make life easier for pedestrians and cyclists who use the pavement in this place, which results in many conflict situations. The bicycle path ends here at the height of the Atrium Targówek shopping center. – The assumption is that as part of this project, it will be extended to the roundabout before Trasa Toruńska, run through Głębocka and join the existing one in this place – indicated Dybalski.

New bus lanes will be built here Google Maps

City hall plans

On the occasion of preparations for the designation of a bus lane on Głębocka Street, we asked the city hall about the city’s plans for this year in terms of further such facilities for public transport passengers. These turned out to be quite modest. In addition to the bus lane along Głębocka and św. Wincenty, another one will be built: along Modlińska – on the section from Aluziona to Światowid (next to the Białołęka District Office).

– The implementation is planned with the launch of the new Modlińska-Światowida intersection, i.e. in the second half of 2023. The total length of bus lanes in Warsaw after the implementation of both investments will be about 73 kilometers – said Jakub Leduchowski, deputy press officer of the capital city hall.

An increase of 68 percent

Last year, a lot of emotions among residents caused the delineation of bus lanes in the Służewiecka Valley (in January) and Puławska (in October). The launch of the first of them was possible thanks to the commissioning of the tunnel of the Southern Bypass of Warsaw, which significantly relieved the permanently congested Służewiecka Valley. The decision on the two-kilometre bus lane was made in the town hall very quickly. The first buses passed through it only two weeks after the opening of the tunnel. The data presented by ZTM in mid-January showed that the number of passengers in buses passing through the Służewiecka Valley increased by 68 percent. On average, on weekdays, 15,648 passengers used the Nowoursynowska and Dolina Służewiecka stops in both directions in October 2021, and 26,790 in January 2022.

In social media, there was no shortage of criticism from some drivers, but these were offset by comments from public transport passengers satisfied with the changes.

The Służewiecka Valley after setting out the bus lane ZDM

More passengers on Puławska buses

Drivers also protested against the bus lane on Puławska. District councilor Olga Górna got involved in the case and prepared a petition. In it, she appealed for the bus lane to operate only on weekdays during the morning and afternoon rush hours. A few months have passed, the traffic jams are smaller and – as the results of the research carried out by the Public Transport Authority have shown – more people have started to use the buses on Puławska Street.

Tomasz Kunert, spokesman for ZTM, provided us with data from the study of passenger flows on buses 709, 727 and 739. A set of Sójki stops near the intersection of Puławska and Płaskowicka was selected for an in-depth analysis. Measurements were carried out, e.g. in September and October 2022 (just after the launch of the bus lane) and in January 2023. – The breakdown of the number of passengers of all buses shows an increase in their number in October compared to September by about 18 percent. In total, in this stop complex in October we recorded nearly 21,000 people a day, with the average number of 17.5 thousand in September. Also on weekends, the increase in the number of passengers is significant, as it reached 25 percent, Kunert calculated. For comparison: in the entire Warsaw Public Transport network between September and October, the number of passengers increased by 9.8 percent.

Kunert pointed out that the upward trend recorded in autumn strengthened in January. Across the network, passenger numbers in October were 6 percent higher than in January. According to Kunert, this is a cyclical phenomenon. – The list of passengers of all buses at the analyzed stops shows an increase in their number in January, compared to October by about 4 percent, and in relation to September by about 23 percent. In total, in this stop complex in January we recorded over 21.5 thousand people a day, with an average number of about 20.9 thousand in October – summed up Kunert.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

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