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Warsaw. They want to turn left, they arrive at the islet. Problems after the reconstruction of the intersection of Marszałkowska and Królewska

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Drivers – driving too fast or driving by heart – have a problem with changes at the intersection of Marszałkowska and Królewska Streets. They enter the pedestrianized former left-turn lane and stop right in front of the new sanctuary at the pedestrian crossing. – This leads to tensions, because drivers turning left from the correct lane do not always want to let them in. It ends with honking and nervous maneuvers – reported the reporter of tvnwarszawa.pl Mateusz Szmelter.

At the end of August, road workers narrowed one of the Marszałkowska inlets at the intersection with Królewska Street. Drivers driving towards Plac Bankowy now have only three lanes at their disposal (for right or straight turns, straight ahead and left turn). The fourth one, so far used to turn left towards Grzybowska, has been excluded from traffic. Thanks to this, a pedestrian asylum was created on the dangerous crossing of two roadways and tracks.

– The existing left-turn lane, however, has not been completely eliminated. It is now cut off with a continuous line from the other lanes, but there are no diagonal lines used to mark parts of the road excluded from traffic – reports Mateusz Szmelter from tvnwarszawa.pl.

Despite the correct marking, drivers cross a solid line and enter the “old” lane. Our reporter witnessed such situations on Wednesday morning. As he reported, at this time the disregard of the continuous line is not common, but from time to time there are people who have problems with the new organization of the movement. – If a line of cars is lined up at the intersection and one of the drivers enters the former left-turn lane, the others do the same. They end up with an islet in front of the edge of the intersection and have trouble getting back into the correct lane. This leads to tensions, because drivers turning left from the correct lane do not always want to let them in. It ends with honking and nervous maneuvers – he emphasized.


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In the future, green will appear in the left lane

We told the Municipal Roads Authority about the situation. We also asked whether it was planned to place additional markings on the abandoned left-turn lane after the reconstruction of the intersection. – A continuous line, which must not be crossed, vertical and horizontal signs, such as arrows on the road, seem to be sufficient to effectively inform the driver how to go, stated Jakub Dybalski, spokesman for ZDM. – Ultimately, this part of the road is to be designated for greenery, but not yet at this stage – he added.

The spokesman also stated that he himself admitted that after opening the road, he was driving through a renovated intersection and there was no case of anyone entering the asylum at the crossing. – If someone cuts at him “at the last minute”, it means that he is not looking where he is going, and this is a problem far beyond the capabilities of the Municipal Roads Authority – he reserved.

However, he did not rule out that a sign informing about the area excluded from traffic may appear on the road. – We will observe and do not insist. If the drivers do not look at the signs for some reason, maybe we will paint the signs there – he adds.

Changes at the intersection of Marszałkowska and Królewska streets

ZDM announced that in addition to the pedestrian asylum at the southern inlet of Marszałkowska, two more will be built at the crossing through the northern inlet of Marszałkowska and at the western inlet of Królewska. The latter will also have a protection island, so road builders widened the intersection inlet half a meter to the north. “On the other hand, at the eastern inlet, after the asphalting is completed, we will move the bus stop 30 meters in the direction of Małachowski Square. Thanks to this, stopping buses will not cause the cars behind them to partially stand on lanes, blocking the pedestrian crossing” – explained road workers.

After completion of the works, the operation of the traffic lights will also change. After the works are completed, all left turns (from Marszałkowska Street from the south and from Królewska Street from the east and west) are to be given a separate phase, so that when the light is green, other drivers will wait on the red one for those who perform this maneuver. The intersection will also be included in the Integrated Traffic Management System. The contractor was also to prepare the signaling so that it would be possible to mark a left-turn for those driving from Bankowy Square in Królewska.

Work requiring the road to be closed was completed over the weekend, but road workers are still working on the sidewalks and green belts.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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