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Warsaw. They were going to the car fire, they got stuck between the trucks. The problem with the corridor of life on the S8 route – recording

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The ambulance was driving to the fire of the car on the S8 route, but a few hundred meters before the scene it got stuck between the trucks. The creation of the corridor of life in traffic jams turned out to be a big problem, which is shown in the recording of the witness. – The cars were standing very close to each other, the road was densely blocked, so maneuvering the largest vehicles turned out to be extremely difficult – described the reporter of tvnwarszawa.pl Artur Węgrzynowicz.

“This is how the journey of ZRM to the accident on the S8 route in Warsaw looked like today. What can I say … Despite the introduction of the obligation to create a corridor of life, the thinking of drivers is still very fragile” – says the entry on the Facebook profile of Corridor of Life – Turn on Thinking. The profile is administered by volunteer firefighters in Ujazd Górne and Czerna. As they write, their aim is to raise the awareness of Poles about making it easier for emergency services to travel to the scene of an accident. The video they posted was made available to them by a man who witnessed the situation on the S8 route.

As reported on tvnwarszawa.pl, on Monday evening there was a fire in a passenger car on the road towards Białystok. The firefighting operation took place about 600 meters behind Lazurowa Street, while the recording showing the problem of an ambulance with a crossing was recorded from the Lazurowa Street itself, which runs over the viaduct over the expressway.


A passenger car caught fire on the S8 route Małgosia / Contact 24

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The ambulance got stuck between the trucks

In the film, we first see an ambulance maneuvering between lorries on the right side of the road. Then its driver tries to get to the left side, where the drivers try to create a corridor of life.

However, the journey is made difficult by a tanker truck and two trucks. The tanker driver manages to squeeze between other cars and unlock a section of the road. The white truck driver has more problems when he is forced to reverse. When it finally gets out of the way, the ambulance is still in the way of the trailer of the second truck, standing in the middle lane. The ambulance driver cannot squeeze into the corridor. But the density of cars on the express train means that the truck cannot move further.

It takes about 40 seconds for the ambulance driver to struggle with a turn. When it finally works out, the journey isn’t easy anyway. There are places where it slows down to a minimum, for fear of rubbing against stationary cars.

How to correctly form the corridor of life?Ministry of Infrastructure

A car with a gas system burned down

Although an emergency medical team was dispatched to the scene, the police later announced that no one was hurt. The situation at the site of the fire was reported by the reporter of tvnwarszawa.pl Artur Węgrzynowicz.

– A passenger car with a gas installation was on fire. The first on the scene were the policemen who decided that for safety reasons the S8 route towards Białystok should be closed. The drivers still managed to exit to the emergency lane. The car stopped under the footbridge, and the fire spread so quickly and was so intense that driving past the car was dangerous – he described.

An enormous traffic jam immediately formed on the road. – This extended the time the firefighters arrived at the site. After the arrival of the first team, they extinguished the fire quite quickly, while the road was covered with a lot of extinguishing agent and elements of the burned vehicle. Before the traffic was resumed, they had to be cleaned up, stressed Węgrzynowicz. – Lots of trucks stuck in traffic. The cars were standing very close to each other, the road was densely packed, so maneuvering these largest vehicles turned out to be extremely difficult – he noted.

A car fire on the S8 routeArtur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Mateusz Bartowski / KŻ-WM / Facebook

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