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Warsaw. They will close the suburban cross-city line. Big changes in train running

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From Sunday, June 25, until September 2, due to works carried out by the Polish State Railways, the suburban cross-city line will be closed to train traffic. The timetables of the Fast Urban Railway lines S1 and S2 and Koleje Mazowieckie will change – announces the town hall.

The closure of the cross-city line is caused by the next stage of works on the reconstruction and modernization of the Warszawa Zachodnia station, carried out at the request of the infrastructure manager, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe.

Changes from Sunday

On Sunday, June 25, SKM trains will run on two routes: S1 Warszawa Zachodnia – Pruszków and S10 Warszawa Wschodnia – Otwock. On that day, 13 connections will be launched from Warsaw to Pruszków, and 12 connections in the opposite relation. On the other hand, between Warsaw and Otwock – 28 connections.

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From Monday, June 26, SKM trains of the S1 line will run on the Pruszków – Warszawa Zachodnia or Pruszków – Otwock route via the long-distance cross-city line and the Warszawa Centralna station, excluding the Warszawa Ochota, Śródmieście, Powiśle and Stadion stops. In the full relation – to Otwock – there will be 7 trains, and to Pruszków – 11 trains. The Warszawa Wschodnia – Otwock section will be served by 28 trains of the S10 line.

Please note that all S1 and S10 trains run without the Warszawa Olszynka Grochowska stop.

Closure of the cross-city line, there will be changes in curing trainsWarsaw City Hall

S2 line suspended

The running of S2 line trains will be suspended from June 25.

SKM trains of the S20 line will run on the Warszawa Stadion – Sulejówek Miłosna section. There will be 33 trips in both directions on this route, with a frequency of twice an hour. Selected early-morning, afternoon or late-evening courses will be operated on shorter routes – to Warszawa Rembertów or Warszawa Wschodnia.

SKM trains of the S3 line reach Chopin Airport – on weekdays, 16 pairs of trains will go to the capital airport. Some of them, as before, will reach Radzymin in the opposite direction, and the rest will reach Wieliszew or Legionowo Piasków.

On days off, SKM S3 trains run to and from Legionowo Piaski. However, as in previous years, 6 pairs of trains run in an extended relation to and from Radzymin, ensuring direct access to i.a. on Lake Zegrze in Nieporęt.

Line S4 and S40

SKM trains of the S4 line run on the target route connecting Piaseczno with Zegrze Południowe, a station located almost on the shore of Lake Zegrze. On weekdays, 18 pairs of trains run in full relation, with a frequency of about every 60 minutes. On non-working days, 11 trains run from Zegrze to Piaseczno, and 10 in the opposite relation. Other trains run between Piaseczno and Legionowo.

Trains of the S40 line, due to works on the reconstruction and modernization of the Warszawa Zachodnia station, as before – on weekdays run in a shortened relation to and from the Warszawa Rakowiec stop, where you can change to trams towards the center of Warsaw. The courses run approximately every 60 minutes. Thanks to this, on the Piaseczno – Warszawa Rakowiec section, SKM trains run about every 30 minutes.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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