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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Warsaw. They will restore the surface of Górczewska Street. There will be changes in motion

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From Friday, October 15, the subway builders will start reconstructing the Górczewska pavement at the intersection with Powstańców Śląskich. And that means changes in traffic.

The contractor for the second metro line in Bemowo is preparing in the coming days to start laying a new pavement on the Górczewska roadways. In the first stage, from Friday, October 15, from 22 traffic in both directions, on the section from Konarski to the tram terminus, traffic will be on the southern roadway. Leaving the estates after the intersection with Powstańców Śląskich will be possible to Powstańców Śląskich or Pełczyński. It will also be possible to exit – only to the right – to Górczewska Street from the internal road near the shopping center in the area of ​​Klemensiewicz and the tram terminus.

On Friday evening, along with the northern Górczewska road, the northern part of the intersection with Konarski (from Budy and Łagowska streets) will be closed. Drivers will not be able to travel to Górczewska here. It will also not be possible to drive straight through Konarski via Górczewska. A detour to this part of Konarski will be possible from Bolkowska.

Changes in traffic on GórczewskaUM Warsaw

The works will move to the southern roadway

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The intersection with Konarski Street will be opened to traffic on Sunday around 20.00. Traffic organization along Górczewska Street will change in the coming days. First on Monday, at 13, the northern Górczewska carriageway will be opened for traffic between the entrances to the shopping center. As before, it will be able to use vehicles of public transport and municipal services, vehicles with a MW identifier, marked with a parking card or a veteran’s card, and construction vehicles of the second metro line. The section from the entrance to the viaduct to Białowiejska will still be excluded from traffic. Access to Białowiejska, Szańowa and Przanowskiego streets will be possible via the southern Górczewska roadway and the link to Krępowicki. Pedestrians will be able to walk on both sides of Górczewska. In some sections, they will go through the construction site or on a road fenced for this purpose.

On Tuesday, October 19, at 22, it is planned to direct traffic to the northern Górczewska lane on the section from the tram terminus to Konarski and to start work on the southern road surface. As stipulated in the announcement by the capital city hall, depending on the weather conditions, the commencement of works may be postponed until Wednesday, October 20, also at 22. Traffic on the northern road will take place for the next month. During this time, the subway builders will recreate the southern Górczewska road.

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