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Warsaw. They will widen the stops at Wolska and eliminate the left-hand turn in Płocka

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The Warsaw Trams will extend the dangerous and uncomfortable stops on Wolska Street. The mayor of Wola, Krzysztof Strzałkowski, fears the consequences of the liquidation of the left-hand turn in Płocka, which will be the result of the necessary investment. He also alleges the lack of consultation with the authorities and residents of the district. – This is not a road managed by the district – says the spokesman for tram drivers.

– The plans of Warsaw’s trams show that the expansion of stops at the Płocka metro station will result in the liquidation of the left turn from Wolska to Płocka. The decision was made without consulting the district and its residents. It is a pity, because it would be a great opportunity to discuss the future of this street, informed the mayor of Wola, Krzysztof Strzałkowski.

When in 2020 three Wola metro stations were commissioned, the Wolska – Płocka intersection became a transfer point. Especially that there are tram stops very close to the metro station and there are a lot of apartment blocks around. At rush hour it gets very crowded on the platforms.

“The decision was made without consulting the district”

As the district office points out, the local traffic in this area would be even greater and more difficult, if not for a left-turn, allowing you to turn into Płocka on the way from Kercelak. Before the construction of the subway commenced, it was also possible to turn back towards the Infectious Hospital in this place. Its authorities tried to restore it, because it made it much easier for ambulances to reach the health facility. It turned out, however, that Warsaw Trams, as part of extending the stops, not only do not plan to recreate the turn, but also remove the left turn.

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– The platforms are non-standard narrow and serve as a transfer to the subway. Pedestrian traffic is therefore enormous here, so from a safety point of view, widening the platforms seems like a good move. It is a pity that the decision on how to do it was made without consulting the district and local residents – said Krzysztof Strzałkowski.

In the opinion of the district authorities, if the decision had actually been taken, the chance for a discussion about the nature of Wolska Street in this section would be eliminated. – It would be worth considering what function this street is to play in the future. Is it supposed to act as a “crossing point” through the city without the possibility of turning back and turning left, or is it to serve local traffic – noticed the mayor of Wola. – Already, the shape of Wolska encourages drivers to drive faster, which translates into reduced safety and noise in this area – he added.

Narrow and uncomfortable stop. “It needs to be expanded”

The spokesman for Warsaw Trams, Maciej Dutkiewicz, responded to the matter.

– This intersection, after the opening of the Płocka metro station in April 2020, has become the main transfer node for the residents of Wola and Bemowo. The number of passengers using the station has increased by 40 percent over the last year. The tram stop was built decades ago, is narrow and needs to be widened for comfort – and more importantly for passenger safety. We carry out the investment at the request of the Public Transport Authority in consultation with the administrator of the Municipal Roads Authority that manages this road and the police. It is not a road managed by the district – said the spokesman.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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