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Warsaw. They’re underage, they bought beer. Trouble awaits the shop owner and the seller

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While patrolling Kamionek, city guards noticed four young people on Bliska Street. One of them was holding a four-pack of beer. The teenagers were identified. Anyone who sells alcohol to minors will be in trouble.

The minors were foreigners. One of the teenagers was drinking coffee, so she was immediately fired. Other people admitted that they drank beer. One of the teens still had a receipt from a nearby chain store listing purchases, including four cans of beer.

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Since selling alcohol to minors is a crime, the guards called the police patrol. The head of the 7th Regional Branch has already submitted an application to the Department of Economic Activity and Permits of the Praga Południe District Office to withdraw the permit to sell alcohol in this store.

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The police will investigate the sale of alcohol to minors.

Minors bought beer, the seller and the store owner may be in troubleMunicipal Police

Article 208. Who rozpija minor, providing him with an alcoholic beverage, facilitating its consumption or inducing him to consume such a beverage, shall be subject to a fine, the penalty of restriction of liberty or imprisonment for 2 years.

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They’re getting younger

Younger people are drinking alcohol. According to the statistics provided by the capital’s town hall, 80 percent of students aged 15-16 declared that they had drunk alcohol at least once, and in the 17-18 age group it was almost 93 percent. The “Don’t get fooled” campaign has been going on in the capital for several weeks.

The growing problem of addiction in adolescentsTVN24

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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