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Warsaw. Third metro line – project contract signed

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On Friday, the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, signed a contract to design a section of the third metro line to Gocław. The construction will cost huge amounts of money, up to PLN 5 billion. – Without the support of KPO, it will not be possible – admitted Trzaskowski. Construction works are scheduled to start in 2028.

– We are starting to design the third metro line. Communication in Warsaw is developing and will continue to develop. Part of the planned line will be eight kilometers long and have six new stations. It will start at the Stadion Narodowy metro station and end at the Gocław station. I hope that if EU funding is secured, work will begin in 2028, said the mayor of the capital.

Rafał Trzaskowski signed a contract for the third metro linePAP/Paweł Supernak

Huge funds for the construction of the third metro line

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He said that he managed to convince the EU to find one billion zlotys in this budget. – This money is mainly for completing the second metro line. Thanks to this, we have (…) funds in the budget and can allocate them to planning the third line. However, huge funds are needed here – about PLN 5 billion, so without support from the KPO it will not be possible – he explained.

He emphasized that pre-design work on the fourth metro line had started in parallel. – We want to be prepared for the entire network to develop harmoniously – he emphasized.

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The third metro line is to be a peripheral line. – We want to create a network of connections, of which the metro is only a part. Therefore, this line will transport passengers to the first, second, and later fourth metro lines. All analyzes show that it will be very effective and very necessary, said Trzaskowski.

He recalled that now we are talking about a fragment of the third line on Praga Południe, while it is to lead traffic under the Vistula River to Mokotów up to Okęcie and connect with the fourth line. – This is how we create an effective system – added the mayor of the capital. And he assured: – We will do it step by step. All this is correlated with our plans for tram lines.

Trzaskowski also confirmed that a tram to Gocław will be built. – All our analyzes indicate that both the metro line and the tram are needed – he emphasized.

There are to be five metro lines in Warsaw UM Warsaw

Metro in the most populated district

The President of Metro Warszawskie, Jerzy Lejk, emphasized that the contract concerns the first part of the third metro line, which will be located in an extremely densely built-up part of Warsaw.

– Praga Południe is the first district in the capital in terms of population density. There are places in this district where the population density reaches 26-29 thousand inhabitants per square kilometer. And these are the places where the stations are located, he explained.

Third metro line – Minsk station, visualization UM Warsaw

He recalled that on March 8, 2015, the central section of the second metro line was launched. – Today, no Warsaw resident can imagine a functioning center of Warsaw without such a strong and modern means of transport – he emphasized.

The first section of the M3 will be 8.1 kilometers long and have seven stations: National Stadium (from the beginning, this station was designed as a transfer hub), Dworzec Wschodni, Mińska, Rondo Wiatraczna, Ostrobramska, Jana Nowak-Jeziorańskiego, Gocław. There will also be a branch leading to the Technical and Stopping Station on Kozia Górka. In the current masterplan for Warsaw until 2050, the second part of the M3 line will be extended in the future – through Wisła and Mokotów – to Ochota (Żwirki i Wigury station).

Gocław station – visualizationUM Warsaw

Doubts surrounding the construction of the third metro line

About the doubts around construction of the third metro line We have already informed on tvnwarszawa.pl. According to forecasts of the load on subsequent metro lines commissioned by the city hall, even in the distant 2050, only a few thousand people will travel to Gocław per hour. And at its peak. Meanwhile, an efficient metro can transport several dozen thousand people per hour. These data must be taken into account because the underground railway is the most expensive means of transport, both in construction and subsequent operation.

In the proposed route, the connection of the second and third lines is also problematic. To transfer at the National Stadium station, passengers will have to use the stairs and mezzanine. This platform layout was created during the construction of this station.

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Analyzes also showed that what is most needed is a fourth line, doubling the first one on the north-south axis. – We build the lines one by one. Indeed, the fourth line – fed by the first, second, third – can carry the largest number of passengers. This order is justified, that’s why we are implementing the investment in this way – replied Rafał Trzaskowski in November when asked by journalists about sticking to the previously accepted construction order.

Currently, the last three stations on the Bemowo section of the M2 line are being built in Warsaw, i.e. Lazurowa, Chrzanów and Karolin. A Karolin technical and parking station is also being built. This is the last stage of work on this line, which will be put into operation in 2026. The metro network will then consist of 46 kilometers and 42 stations.

Main photo source: UM Warsaw

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