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Warsaw. This is what Krasiński Square looks like after the changes

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Residents can now use the first section of Krasiński Square in Żoliborz. There are new alleys and various greenery. At the same time, work is underway on the second section.

Krasińskiego Square is being built on the southern side of the Krasińskiego Street road, on the section from Broniewskiego Street to the access street at 69 Krasińskiego Street.

The investment was divided into four sections. The Warsaw Greenery Board announced that work has just been completed on the first of them – from Broniewskiego Street to Anny German Street. “This area has changed beyond recognition – it is attractive, accessible to residents and full of greenery. Several thousand plants have been planted here – shrubs, perennials and bulbs, as well as 24 trees: including European larch, linden, maple, birch, pine and English oak. Lawns also appeared,” ZZW mentioned.

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An attractive place to walk

Residents can rest here on new benches, and thanks to new alleys and street lamps as well as the rebuilt sidewalk at the intersection of Krasińskiego and Broniewskiego, they have gained an attractive place to walk – also after dark.

Work is currently underway on the second section of the square – from Anna German Street to Przasnyska Street. The main avenue is being built here and earthworks are being carried out. At the same time, section number 3, from Przasnyska to Krasińskiego 57, was also fenced off. Road works there will begin within a month.

Three sections of the square are to be ready this year, and after completing their construction, the contractor will start the construction of the fourth section. “By dividing the investment into sections, residents will be able to use the new green space before the entire investment is completed,” they assured.

Over 100 trees, lots of shrubs and perennials

After the work is completed, you will be able to admire over 100 trees in the square, including: pear trees, hawthorns, spruces, pines and lindens. It is planned to plant shrubs (including roses, lilacs, dogwoods), perennials and bulbs (e.g. narcissus, tulips). The square will also feature multi-colored, fragrant meadows, vines and ornamental grasses.

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The investment is being implemented by ZZW, as part of a project financed from the civic budget. AKG Architektura Krajobrazu is responsible for the construction works. The project was prepared by Proinwestycja Katarzyna Łowicka.

Main photo source: ZZW

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