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Warsaw. This is what the platform of the Bródno metro station looks like. Video

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According to the contract, the works are to be completed in the second half of August, but Metro Warszawskie has already boasted of recording from the platform of the station in Bródno. All obstruction walls are already installed.

Although the concrete bodies of the stations are similar at all M2 stations, they differ in terms of interior design, decors and elements of small architecture. The most characteristic elements are the blockage walls, i.e. panels covering the side walls of the station. Their name results from their location – they are located behind the tracks, when viewed from the platform. We owe the appearance of some of the artists. This will also be the case with those that are being built in Targówek. At the Zacisze, Kondratowicza and Bródno stations, the walls are covered with graphics by Piotr Młodożeniec.

This is what the new metro stations in Targówek look like. Graphics by a famous artist on the walls.

The Warsaw Metro has just shown a film in which we can see blockages at the Bródno station. They are all already mounted.

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Each station in a different color

“The graphics have a rasterized and simplified form, but they allow you to find elements characteristic of the station surroundings. Each station has a different motif of spots, consisting of: dots, lines and squares. These motifs are also duplicated in the decor elements of the elevator pavilions on the level of ground “- describes in the communication Metro Warszawskie.

Each of the stations has a different color scheme. Green dominates in Zacisze. Yellow is the most popular for Kondratowicz, and the final Bródno station is blue and purple. All these stations are to be put into use this fall.

190 you will not get to Bemowo, 171 you will not get to Torwar. They opened the subway, they changed schedules.

The play also appears on the central section of the second metro line, where you can see graphics prepared by the artist Wojciech Fangor. These are the stylized names of the stations that adorn the walls behind the tracks.

Piotr Młodożeniec is a graphic artist, painter, draftsman, illustrator and author of animated films. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and is associated with Targówek.

The voivode issued a building permit for another metro station.

Main photo source: Warsaw Metro

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