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Warsaw. Toyota theft in Gocław. The alarm went off, city guards intervened

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The car thieves who stole a Toyota in Gocław had a lot of “bad luck”. “Not only was the alarm sounded while the car was being moved to the hideout, but also city guards were on the escape route. The criminals were forced to abandon the loot” – the officers describe.

According to the municipal police, officers from the 7th Field Department conducted an intervention on Samolotowa Street in relation to a car that “had the signs of a wreck”. However, when they were transmitting related information via the radio station, they heard a car driving down Yugoslavska Street with the alarm activated.


They abandoned the car on the road

“They saw the SUV with the lights on by the alarm. Officers, guessing that the car might have been stolen a moment earlier, immediately followed him. Several hundred meters away, the thieves abandoned their loot” – the officers inform on their website.

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The Toyota RAV4 stood in the middle of the lane, and there was no trace of the thieves.

“The perpetrators of the theft, in order to get inside, broke the glass next to the mirror in the car and tore the cover by the ignition switch. The city guards immediately notified the police about the incident. at that time he was quietly resting on the plot “- the municipal police said.

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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