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Friday, September 24, 2021

Warsaw. Traffic ban on Zgoda Street. The municipal police announce inspections

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Due to the reconstruction of Pięć Rogów Square in Śródmieście, traffic in both directions is completely forbidden. However, so many drivers ignore it that there are traffic jams on the road closed to traffic. After our publication, the municipal police announced inspections in this place.

A few days ago, Kuba Czajkowski from the Miasto Jest Nasz association drew attention to the problem. The activist posted on Twitter photo from Zgoda Street, where sign B-1 is validwhich prohibits traffic in this place. Meanwhile, the photo shows … a string of cars standing in a traffic jam. On Wednesday, this place was watched by the reporter of tvnwarszawa.pl Mateusz Szmelter. There was no traffic jam then, but there was regular traffic on the street all the time. – Under the ban, we have a fairly extensive plaque explaining who the ban does not apply to – it concerns, among others, bicycles, vehicles of municipal services, ZTM and supplies. Some drivers stop in front of the sign and change direction, others stop but keep going, and the vast majority just keep driving, ignoring the sign – reported Szmelter.

Already after our publication, on Friday, an entry warning about inspections in this place appeared on the twitter of the municipal city guard. “There are checks on compliance with the traffic ban on ul. Zgoda. We make sure that the public transport can move freely. We propose such a system: You do not travel that way, we do not write tickets. Agreed?” the guards wrote.

As Jerzy Jabraszko from the press section of the city guard assured us on Wednesday, the officers are there “all the time” and are carrying out checks. He calculated that from June to the end of August, 57 fines were imposed for not noticing the B-1 sign. In addition, 31 letters were issued. There were also 69 photo-based tickets for both B-1 and B-36 non-sighting (no stopping).

Drivers have to get used to the new traffic organization, although it is temporary and ties with reconstruction of Pięć Rogów squarewhich started in March. But after it ends, Zgoda Street will be blind – drivers will not take it to Szpitalna and Krucza streets. Access will be possible only to the property and Chmielna, and the whole will be a “residential zone”, which means the priority of pedestrians.

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Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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