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Warsaw. Traffic jam on Wisłostrada. After the downpour, the cars were moving through a huge puddle

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The afternoon storm that passed over the capital caused difficulties for drivers on Wisłostrada. At the height of the Gdański Bridge, the road was flooded. Especially those driving towards Mokotów got stuck in traffic jams.

A huge puddle appeared under the Gdański Bridge, near the bus stop towards Mokotów. In the photos of our reporter, Mateusz Szmelter, we can see that the right lane of the road and part of the middle lane are under the water. This caused a lot of difficulties for drivers. Some tried to avoid the pool, others took risks, gliding through it at a slow pace.

In turn, the recording that we received on Kontakt 24 shows that at one point both roads were almost completely flooded.

Although the situation caused considerable difficulties for drivers, the water quickly disappeared from the road. – Movement is now normal. There is no trace of the water anymore – our reporter reported around 5.15pm.

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A rainy Friday in the capital

Friday brought the residents of Warsaw overcast with showers of rain. In the afternoon, around 4 p.m., a storm passed over the capital.

The maximum temperature during the day will reach 21 degrees Celsius. According to meteorologists, the western wind will be moderate, and during a storm it will be strong – gusts will accelerate to 80 km / h. At noon the barometers showed 1007 hPa.

The night will be cloudy with brightening. The minimum temperature will be 11 degrees C. The north-west, weak and moderate wind will blow. The pressure in Warsaw at midnight will be 1007 hPa and will be slightly increasing.

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Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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