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Warsaw. Traffic on the Marywilska viaduct has been restored, for now it is a shuttle service

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The inhabitants of Białołęka can breathe a sigh of relief. On Friday, traffic was partially restored on the viaduct along Marywilska Street. Public buses have returned to their routes.

“As we announced, we did. With the arrival of spring, we are introducing shuttle traffic on the viaduct on Marywilska Street. The new facility was made available to drivers on Friday, April 7. On the same day, public transport buses also returned to their routes” – announced the Road Management on Friday urban.

Uncontrolled displacement of the support

In October last year, workers repairing the viaduct on ul. Marywilska in Warsaw, they closed the passage. According to the plans, traffic was supposed to be restored, but during the works, according to the Municipal Roads Authority, “uncontrolled displacement of the support”.

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“As a result of the resulting displacements, it was found that the girders of the viaduct plate intended for vehicular traffic have lost their stability, which poses a threat to the safe operation of the facility” – ZDM reported at that time.

The viaduct was closed to drivers and pedestrians. The inhabitants of the northern part of the so-called Zielona Białołęka were cut off from the southern part of the district, where there is, among others, a medical clinic, a dentist and a psychological and pedagogical clinic, as well as bus stops. The only connection – apart from distant detours through Żerań or Brzeziny – was provided by the SKM or KM railway.

Completion of works in June

Road workers explained that the pace of work was affected by the weather. “Most of the key works, mainly construction, were carried out in the winter, which was quite a challenge. Low temperatures slowed down the pace of large-scale concrete works, i.e. the construction of retaining walls or the supporting structure of the viaduct. Falling and melting snow was an additional obstacle. Water freezing in the excavations excluded the possibility of backfilling the foundations and starting the construction of the road embankment.

After the weather improved, road builders accelerated their work, thanks to which the viaduct was made available to the residents at the beginning of April. Now the eastern part of the viaduct has been rebuilt. On Friday, April 7, it was made available to drivers. At this stage of works, the new facility will be operated with traffic lights controlled by shuttle traffic. There will also be no tonnage restrictions.

Shuttle traffic on the viaduct along Marywilska StreetZDM

Pedestrians and cyclists will continue to use the functioning temporary pavement. This traffic organization will last until June this year. At that time, the second part of the viaduct will also be rebuilt and put into use.

Due to the opening of this part of the viaduct, buses 176 and N64 will return to regular routes. They will go straight along Marywilska Street to Czołowa. Thus, the replacement line Z76 and night courses of line 133 will be liquidated.

Main photo source: ZDM

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