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Warsaw. Tragic accident on Jagiellońska Street. The motorman's trial has started

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The driver caught four-year-old Aleksander's leg in the tram door and set off. The boy died on the spot. The trial regarding the tragic accident on Jagiellońska Street has begun.

It's about a tragic accident, which took place in mid-August last year on Jagiellońska Street, near the Bataliony Platerówek bus stop. An old-type tram took part in it, heading towards the Żerań FSO terminus. A four-year-old child was caught in a door, and the tram dragged the boy along the tracks. The four-year-old could not be saved. He was under the care of his grandmother.

A motorman on trial

In the indictment read out on Monday, the prosecutor's office upheld the charges brought against the driver. According to investigators, the man “intentionally violated the safety rules in land traffic and the provisions of the instructions for Warsaw Tram employees and unintentionally caused a fatal accident.”

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As the prosecutor's office points out, the collected evidence shows that while driving, “the driver used a telephone and headphones, he incorrectly observed events taking place within the last door, and after closing the door he did not make sure that moving away from the stop would not pose a threat to passengers getting off and those at the stop. He spent too little time assessing the situation around the tram.

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The accused tram driver, who was present in the courtroom, pleaded not guilty and refused to testify. He apologized to the family of the deceased boy. – I am very sorry that this accident occurred. I'm very sorry, he said.

They will question grandma

During the hearing, the tram driver's defender, attorney Robert Ofiara, submitted supplementary material to the proceedings, pointing out that it was crucial to determine whether the child could have fallen between the platform and the tram train and whether it was visible to the tram driver.

– The material collected by the prosecutor's office is insufficient to establish this circumstance – he emphasized.

The driver's representative also pointed out the issue of measurements and requested that the prosecutor's office conduct an experiment at the place of the accident in conditions that correspond as closely as possible to real ones. Judge Katarzyna Wanat did not agree to this request.

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The next hearing was scheduled for May 13. Those to be questioned include: the deceased boy's grandmother and a witness to the incident.

Fatal accident on Jagiellońska Street. Report by a tvnwarszawa.pl reporter

Main photo source: tvnwarszawa.pl

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