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Warsaw. Trains on the wrong track, delayed and canceled connections

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The redevelopment of the cross-city railway line in Warsaw has affected travelers not only from the capital many times. The Office of Rail Transport initiates an inspection. Serious changes on the Warsaw tracks are yet to come. The suburban cross-city route will be completely closed for more than two months. Material of the TVN24 magazine “Polska i Świat”.

This shouldn’t happen – the train goes on the wrong track, and it’s not the first time. How many such incidents have there been in total? – When it comes to the Warsaw Junction, five times recently – admits Włodzimierz Kiełczyński, director of the security office of PKP PLK.

Same problem for years – bad planning

The problems started after the March timetable changes. – We have taken a number of technical, organizational and employee actions to eliminate such situations not only at the Warsaw Junction, but throughout the country – says Kiełczyński. Then why do incidents keep repeating themselves? We’re talking about the human factor here. Each of us has a different perception. We must reach out to every employee and talk to each employee and improve this situation. In one or the other case, the employee mistook the train number and this causes the train to be directed to the track contrary to the timetable – explains Włodzimierz Kiełczyński.

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Railway workers ensure that in none of the situations there was a threat to passengers.

– It must be clearly stated that investments in PKP PLK have been a problem for many years. They are poorly planned – says Piotr Malepszak, an expert on infrastructure and transport. Traffic dispatchers also write about the problems. In the published statement, we read that they have identified situations that pose a threat, which they report to the employer. “However, our interventions are not always taken into account. We observe the above-mentioned threats on many levels, directly or indirectly in the vicinity of the workplaces of traffic duty officers” – we read in the statement of the Trade Union of PKP Traffic Duty Officers.

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– When we look at the situation in Warsaw in detail, we will see a very large number of overtime hours carried out by traffic dispatchers, very large staff shortages, sometimes three positions of traffic dispatchers must be serviced by one duty officer – alleges Malepszak.

– Today, most employees do not work overtime, because we have a standard working time – argues Kiełczyński.

Passengers must have “angel patience”

The authorities of Warsaw demanded the resignation of those responsible for the confusion on the railway. – When in 2010 there was a commotion in PKP, the president of PKP and the deputy minister of infrastructure who was responsible for this part (of the ministry – ed.) suffered very specific consequences. Today, we expect the same personal consequences to be drawn against those people who do not have the knowledge and skills to properly prepare the timetable – said Tomasz Bratek, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw in mid-March.

Inspections are carried out by the Office of Rail Transport. It concerns traffic management and scheduling. Proceedings have also been initiated regarding inadequate passenger information.

– There are days when we, passengers, have to arm ourselves with angelic patience – admits Mrs. Milena, who has been late to work several times because of the commotion on the railway.

“Diameter” closed for over two months

In connection with the renovation of the West Railway Station, passengers are waiting for further changes. The first in a few days, the next and the biggest before the holidays. On Saturday, trains will return to both tracks of the suburban cross-city tunnel, which means more trains on this section. Before the holidays, railwaymen will close the diameter for suburban traffic. Three stations will be closed from June 25 to September 2: Warszawa Ochota, Warszawa Śródmieście and Warszawa Powiśle.

– Due to this closure, all trains that ran on this cross-city line must change their destinations. Some of them will end at the Warszawa Zachodnia station, from some directions the trains will pass through the Warszawa Centralna station, announces Krzysztof Grunke from PKP PLK.

The question is, have the railway workers learned from their recent mistakes and everything is back on track permanently?

Main photo source: TVN24

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