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Warsaw. Tram drivers: tram poles are meant to look like huge green pergolas

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The Warsaw Trams planted ivy on several poles. He is not bothered by frost, strong sun and does not require a lot of water – tram drivers praise the new solution. They also announce that further investments will introduce even more similar solutions in the capital.

The city’s tram drivers have announced a pioneering project: the tram poles are to look like huge green pergolas. The pilot program covered three streets – Prosta, Aleje Jerozolimskie and Puławska. – Three types of ivy have already been planted at seventeen poles. The five-leaf virginia creeper and two varieties of the three-leaf virginia creeper were selected. These plants are resistant to harsh conditions – they do not mind frost, strong sun and do not require a lot of water. In autumn, the color of their leaves turns red, they do not need supports and, as they grow, they can catch on even quite smooth surfaces. Plants grow up to 15 meters on average, they will require shortening and trimming – explains Maciej Dutkiewicz, spokesman for Warsaw Trams.

It remains to be seen which species is best on the poles during the course of the project. On this basis, tram drivers will plan further green spaces in Warsaw.


Graphics with green tram polesWarsaw trams

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Even more green

According to Dutkiewicz, tram companies in Poland have not yet completely planted plants on poles supporting the traction network, but such a solution is known to tram drivers from Western Europe. – Poles covered with ivy can be found, for example, in Freiburg im Breisgau in Germany – he says.

Poles with ivy is another green tram project in Warsaw. – There are already over 25 kilometers of green tracks in the city. The traditional structure of tracks is being replaced with a green carpet – praises Dutkiewicz. And he adds that tram drivers are also introducing new species of plants that grow along the rails: – We are giving up grass that requires watering in favor of sedum. It is a plant that was initially planted experimentally in Obozowa, and now, thanks to the fact that it does not need watering, it goes to other streets. This is especially important in the warming climate and the lack of water in Poland.

Tram investments, which will be carried out over the next two years, are to introduce even more green solutions in the capital city. – On the route to Wilanów, even in narrower places, specially formed trees will appear, also on some of the platforms, passengers will be able to wait for the tram in the shade. Most of the tracks on this route and on the route to Kasprzaka will be covered with sedum. We are also conducting research on other methods of greening tram tracks – informs the spokesman of the TW.

Main photo source: Warsaw trams

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