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Warsaw. Tram on Puławska. When will he go?

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Rafał Trzaskowski announced in social media that tram drivers are testing the track on Puławska Street. Trams will run on this section on September 4.

– As we promised, on September 4, a tram will run on Puławska Street, and even three tram lines. We are restoring traffic on this section so that students can get to school – said the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, who was present during the tests.

He added that traffic will also be partially restored. – Towards the center on two lanes, the other way on one lane, because there will still be construction work going on here – he explained. And he added: – And most importantly, from this place next year we will be able to go to Wilanów.

Green track

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He noted that the entire line on the Puławska section will be green. – In the context of the fight against climate warming, in the context of the temperatures we are currently experiencing, it is very important that we change the way of greening some of the tram lines we are building – he added.

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The tram drivers informed that there will be 500 meters of green tracks on the route. Trees will be planted at the stop at Goworka, and there will be over 200 shrubs and rebates – 1,000 perennials and flower bulbs in the vicinity of the intersection. Discounts will also be in front of the bank building on a section of 100 meters.

Tram to Wilanów

The tram will shorten the travel time of the inhabitants of Wilanów and the neighboring part of Dolny Mokotów to the city centre. The ride from Miasteczko Wilanów to the Centrum metro station is expected to take 25 minutes. The constructed route to Wilanów will have two branches: along Gagarina Street and along Św. Boniface. The tracks will be planted with green sedum.

The contractor will open the finished parts of the investment gradually. After the return of trams to Puławska, Spacerowa and Goworka streets will be made available for one-way traffic. The tracks along Gagarina Street will be ready at the beginning of 2024, and by mid-2024 the tram route to Wilanów will be ready for traffic. Road work remains to be completed. Before the end of 2024, the last section of the tracks will be commissioned – a branch of the route along Św. Boniface.

Main photo source: Rafał Trzaskowski/facebook

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