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Warsaw. Tram to Wilanów. Trams allow the possibility of staging investments

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Tramwaje Warszawskie announces that a tender for the contractor of the tram line to Wilanów will be signed this quarter. It is likely that the originally planned investment as a whole will be built in stages.

– We observe what is happening in other cities and on the market. There is a risk that the prices proposed by the contractors will be higher than our planned budget. In order not to waste time that would be related to the cancellation of the tender procedure, we take into account the possibility that we will build as much as possible using this money and possibly find additional funds from other sources for the remaining parts of the investment. This is a security measure so as not to lose valuable time – explained Maciej Dutkiewicz, spokesman for Warsaw Trams. – The question does not arise here: will we do this investment in full, but in what order and in what time – he emphasized.

The route to Wilanów is covered by one tender procedure

As Dutkiewicz pointed out, the route to Wilanów is covered by one tender procedure aimed at selecting a general contractor for the works. The order allows for possible staging of the investment – basic order and options. Currently, the materials needed to announce the tender are being prepared. It is to be announced in the third quarter of this year. The tender will cover the section from Puławska to the intersection of Aleja Rzeczypospolitej with Branicki, where the final terminal will be built. As part of this investment, it is planned to build a branch ending with a loop in ul. St. Boniface in Stegny.

This week, the industry portal transport-publiczny.pl informed that the so-called An “option” in the case of high prices may include the branch towards Stegien, as well as the section towards Wilanów, after the intersection of Sobieski and Św. Boniface. – These are speculations, but I cannot deny that these analyzes may turn out to be real. We will know more information only after the offers are opened and their amounts are known – said Dutkiewicz.

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The implementation of construction works under the contract is planned for the years 2022-2023.


The tram to Wilanów can be built in stages Warsaw trams

Construction of a branch along Gagarin at the turn of the year

The route to Wilanów is an element the largest tram investment in post-war Poland. It is planned to connect this district with the Western Railway Station. The route will be over 20 kilometers long. Not all episodes received EU funding, and some were postponed due to cuts in the city budget. This is the case of the section along Rakowiecka, and also from Grójecka to Dworzec Zachodni.

It is also associated with the construction of the tram route from Mokotów to Wilanów a branch along Gagarina Street. It is an investment carried out jointly with Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji. The trams will cooperate with MPWiK, because the Mokotowski Bis sewage collector with a diameter of 2.8 meters will also be built. The investment will contribute to increasing the safety of the sewage system during heavy rainfall.

The contract for the design and construction of the branch was signed in May last year. At what stage is the investment at the moment? – The construction design is being consulted with the municipal services. Physically, the robots should start at the turn of this and next year. Of course, the beginning of these works will be related to the construction of the collector – said Dutkiewicz. The branch of the line in the Gagarina route will not end with a loop, therefore two-way trams will be directed to operate the line. The final terminal will be built at the level of Czerniakowska Street.

The tram to Wilanów can be built in stagesWarsaw trams

Main photo source: Warsaw trams

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