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Warsaw. Trams return to Puławska. Which lines

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On Monday, September 4, trams return to Puławska Street. The trains of three lines will run on the green tracks: 4, 10 and 18. – During peak hours, they will all run every 8 minutes, off-peak every 12 minutes – announced the Public Transport Authority.

“Czwórka” will go from the Wyścigi loop along the streets: Puławska, Marszałkowska and further through Plac Bankowy to Annopol.

Line 10 will also start the route at the Races. Trams will go along Puławska and Marszałkowska streets, and at Plac Zbawiciela they will turn into Nowowiejska to reach al. Niepodległości, Chałubińskiego, Prosta and Wolska to the PKP Wola stop.

“Eighteen” will connect the loops of PKP Służewiec and Żerań FSO. Trams of this line will go along the following streets: Wołoska, Woronicza, and then Puławska, Marszałkowska, Andersa and over the Gdański bridge.

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“Trams line 31 will provide access to the Wierzbno metro station from the office district in Mokotów – they will run on the route PKP Służewiec – Metro Wierzbno. Line 14 will remain suspended and therefore line 35 will continue to run between Piaski and Banacha” – explained ZTM.

Buses of the E-2 line will return to the route. “During the morning peak, they will run twice as often as before the holidays, i.e. every 10 minutes” – emphasized ZTM.

Gagarina ready this year

The residents of Wilanów will also have access to line 217, which provides access to the Natolin and Wilanowska metro stations. From September 4, these buses will take passengers to the trams that will run along Puławska Street. During the morning rush hour, line 217 will also run every 10 minutes.

“Even this year, the entire Gagarin Street will be ready” – declared ZTM.

From Monday, September 4, drivers will return to both carriageways of Puławska Street. Two lanes will be available for those going to the city centre. The third one, up to the height of Olszewska Street, will be reserved for public transport buses. Next, cars will go to Waryńskiego Street – the section leading to Unii Lubelskiej Square will still be closed.

There will be one lane on the second carriageway, i.e. in the direction of Ursynów, on the section from Waryńskiego to Olszewska. After that, the full width of the road will return. Drivers will leave Rakowiecka Street only to the right, i.e. towards Ursynów. You will not be able to turn left. The detour to the center will lead along Wiśniowa and Stefana Batory streets.

ZTM informed that an information campaign has been launched, thanks to which residents will learn about the organization of traffic and the functioning of public transport. “They will receive tens of thousands of leaflets with maps, and mobile informants will also appear” – he added.

From the beginning of June from 15:00 to 19:00 at ul. There is an information point at Puławska 55. In all public transport vehicles, additional information for passengers will appear on LCD displays.

Main photo source: ZTM

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