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Warsaw. Trams will close Annopol Street. Detours for drivers and changes in communication

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As part of the construction of the tram depot at Annopol Street, tram workers will also rebuild the nearby intersection with Inowłodzka. The passage will be closed on Sunday, May 14, in the evening. Drivers will need to take detours. The route of tram line 4 will be shortened, but a replacement bus line will be launched. These changes will be in effect until the end of September.

New tram routes will soon arrive in Warsaw: to Wilanów and along ul. Kasprzak. More trams will be needed to service these routes – they will be serviced in Annopol. Ultimately, over 150 low-floor wagons are to be accommodated there, e.g. modern Hyundais.

“The depot will occupy an area of ​​almost 12 hectares. The length of all tracks in the Białołęka facility, on which rail vehicles will move, will be over 14 kilometers. It will be the most modern depot in Poland. It will be equipped with an IT system that will automate many activities previously performed manually by employees – moving points, servicing or collecting data” – informs the capital city hall in a communiqué.

It will be the fifth depot in the capital.

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Work will start on Sunday

On Sunday, May 14, at 22, the reconstruction of the intersection of ul. Annopol and Inowłodzka. Annopol will be completely closed to traffic on a section of about 400 meters – between the shopping mall and the climbing centre. This will also make it impossible to drive through the intersection from the Inowłodzka side. From Rembielińska and Trasa Toruńska (S8) access will be possible only to the shopping center.

The obstacle detour will lead along the following streets: Odlewnicza, Marywilska and Wysockiego to Bazyliańska. From here, through Kondratowicz, you will be able to turn back to Rembielińska towards Annopol or go further to Bródno. From Wysockiego to Rembielińska it will also be possible to drive ul. Bartnicza and Poborzańska. From the north, it will be possible to avoid the difficulties by driving Białołęcka to Trasa Toruńska. This traffic organization will last until the end of September 2023.

Annopol Street – detour of the closed sectionWarsaw City Hall

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Due to the construction of the depot, the section of tram tracks between the Annopol and Żerań Wschodni loops will also be closed to traffic. From Monday morning, May 15, trams of line 4 will only run to the Annopol terminus. On the section excluded from tram traffic, buses of the replacement line Z-1 will run, which will connect Żerań Wschodni with the Bródno metro station. Due to the closure of ul. Annopol buses of this line will follow a slightly different route than the one parallel to the tram tracks. Z-1 will depart from Faraday 03 stop and ul. Annopol, Odlewnicza, Marywilska Wysockiego, Bazyliańska and Kondratowicza will reach the Bródno metro station. On the way back, the last stop will be Żerań Zachodni 04.

The route of tram line 4 will be shortened, but a replacement bus line will be launchedWarsaw Trams

Ecological depot

The Annopol depot, as the first in Poland, will be powered to such a large extent from environmentally friendly, renewable energy sources. Their use will reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and will reduce air emissions. Solar cells with a capacity of approximately 330 kW will be installed on the roofs.

The area occupied by plants will be approx. 24,000. sq m, i.e. approx. 20 percent. depot area. This will include vegetation on buildings and acoustic screens, and green tracks. On the other hand, tanks gray water will hold 1,200 m6. rainwater. It will be used for economic purposes – flushing toilets, washing vehicles and watering greenery. Rainwater from the roofs of buildings will go to three underground tanks. This will save water and reduce the amount of wastewater.

Visualization of the depot in AnnopolWarsaw Trams

The planned construction completion date is February 2024.

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Main photo source: Warsaw Trams

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