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Warsaw. Tree of the Year Contest. Two Warsaw oaks in the final

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Two oaks from Stara Miłosna managed to reach the finals of the competition for the title of the Tree of 2023. These are Malwa and Miłosz, who have survived many difficult stories. In the competition, they are the only ones representing the capital. They are currently in second place.

In the Wesoła district, in the Stara Miłosna estate, there are two pedunculate oaks: Miłosz and Malwa. Their age is estimated at about 80 and 130 years.

The oaks from Stara Miłosna are the only trees that represent Warsaw in the finals of the thirteenth edition of the Tree of the Year competition. Among the dozen finalists, they are currently in second place. The winner will represent Poland in the finals of the European edition of the Tree of the Year competition. Vote on the contest page lasts until the end of June.

– Let’s help them win this prestigious competition. Votes can be cast until the end of June, appealed the capital city hall.

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The Tree of the Year competition is organized by Klub Gaja. As the organizers write: “We are not looking for the oldest, tallest, thickest, most beautiful or rarest trees. We are looking for the most loved tree, a tree with a story, a tree that stimulates the imagination and unites people.”

Miłosz and Malwa in Stara MiłosnaCapital City of Warsaw/Facebook

The turbulent history of Malwa and Miłosz

According to specialists, the pair of oaks Malwa and Miłosz – as indicated on the website ddrokroku.pl – are, according to specialists, the remains of a prehistoric continental forest. However, their modern history is also interesting. The trees were defended by the residents against felling, which was planned by the office of the Wesoła district. According to officials, the trees were growing “in collision with traffic”. “The defense of the trees lasted nearly two months and was successful, and the actions integrated the local community and mobilized them to act” – we read on the treeroku.pl website.

In turn, as the city hall adds in the communiqué, the mayor of Warsaw contributed to the protection of trees against felling planned as part of the road investment. The oaks stay. I committed the district and the city’s Traffic Management Office to find a solution to save the treesthe statement of Mayor Trzaskowski during the meeting with the residents of Wesoła, who wanted to keep both trees, was quoted.

As it was added on the treeroku.pl website, the inhabitants set up an orchestra for trees and organized a picket “Make yourself a monument of nature”. It was during that time that they named the oaks Malwa and Miłosz. Also then – in accordance with its name – they submitted an official application for granting the trees the status of a natural monument. It is being processed.

However, this did not end the problems of the two oaks. “Despite the intervention of the residents, the Wesoła district did not protect the trees during the reconstruction, and in the spring they were solidly pruned, which additionally weakened them” – it was emphasized on the treeroku.pl website. At the same time, it was reported that two oaks have become a symbol of the fate of urban trees, and their defenders are taking further interventions in connection with the construction of more streets. They also encourage you to care for the trees.

Another tree was already on the podium

In 2020, another tree from the capital city – Falenicka pine – was included in the final of the plebiscite. Then she took second place.

There are over 9 million trees in the capital, and more are planted every year. Many of them are the result of investments carried out by municipal units. But it is also the residents who decide where new trees or other vegetation should appear – e.g. as part of participatory budget projects. Green projects were also present in this year’s edition of the budget. You can vote until June 30. Varsovians can also submit their suggestions for the location of new trees in the Warszawa 19115 application, in the “Plant a tree” tab or on the website of the Warsaw 19115 Municipal Contact Center.

Main photo source: Capital City of Warsaw/Facebook

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