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Warsaw. Trial regarding the beating up of former deputy head of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, Wojciech Kwaśniak

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The trial in the case of the attack on the former deputy head of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, Wojciech Kwaśniak, ended in the Warsaw district court. The prosecutor’s office demanded 10 years in prison for the main suspect in the SKOK scandal, Piotr P., and three years in prison for co-defendant Jacek. – This is a very important day for me and at the same time a very difficult one – commented Wojciech Kwaśniak after the hearing.

The defendants in this trial are: Jacek W., who was accused of complicity in the attack, and Piotr P., who allegedly ordered the beating of the deputy head of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Piotr P. is a former agent of the Military Information Services who sat on the management board of SKOK, and is also the main suspect in matters relating to the SKOK financial scandal.

– The case is unprecedented and the only one of this type in the Republic of Poland so far, because it concerns an active attack on a high-ranking public official and was committed in connection with the performance of his official duties – emphasized prosecutor Agnieszka Leszczyńska.

The prosecutor’s office therefore demanded 10 years in prison for Piotr P. – This is the maximum penalty that was applicable at the time of committing the act – said the prosecutor. She demanded three years in prison for Jacek W.

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Kwaśniak’s representative: it was an attack on life, not health

Kwaśniak’s attorney, Jerzy Naumann, pointed out in his speech that “the case is not about any beating, but about a planned and consistently implemented attack on Kwaśniak’s life, not Kwaśniak’s health.” In his opinion, the defendants should be charged with attempted murder.

The prosecution also requested compensation for Kwaśniak. Mec. Naumann specified that it was about awarding PLN 500,000 from P. and PLN 100,000 from W.

– This is a very important day for me. At the same time, it is very difficult because it reminds me of the trauma associated with the attempt on my life. The trauma deepened over the last five years, the state’s actions against me and the trauma associated with the fact that my family suffered very serious consequences of this whole story, including the death of my wife two years ago – said Wojciech Kwaśniak to the TVN24 journalist. He noted that the case in the first instance would end almost 10 years after the incident. – April 16 this year will be 10 years – he added, noting that not all the organizers of this event were accused.

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Kwaśniak: my family has not experienced this level of empathy from the governmentTVN24

“The money was transferred to other accounts.” Witness testimony

Earlier – on Thursday – before judge Edyta Snastin-Jurkun closed the court hearing at the request of the defense, the last witness was heard – a businessman and a good friend of the accused P. for almost 20 years. – I have never heard of P. using violent solutions – he testified witness. He also added that he had never talked to him about Kwaśniak and his beating.

In response to questions from the prosecutor’s office, the witness admitted that there was an indictment against him in the SKOK Wołomin case – it was about obtaining a loan on the basis of unreliable documentation. He added that he took out the loan at P.’s request and specified that in the years 2009-2014 there were “probably four loans” for amounts ranging from one to two million zlotys, the last of which was unpaid. – I did not collect this money, it was transferred to other accounts – he added.

At the same time, answering a question from Kwaśniak, who is an auxiliary prosecutor, admitted that he had seen public figures at the SKOK Wołomin headquarters at that time – he mentioned, among others: names of people from show business, as well as politicians, including one later and now former member of the government.

Hearing closing arguments at the District Court for Warsaw-Mokotów will continue on Friday.

He supervised the SKOK Wołomin case and was brutally beaten

The trial before the District Court for Warsaw Mokotów began at the end of 2015. However, in November 2017, the judge in charge of the case went on maternity leave. The proceedings, which were already in their final stages, therefore had to start again. Consequently, the process started again in April 2019. Since then, several dozen hearings have been held, during which the court, among others, received statements from the accused and interviewed numerous witnesses.

Closing arguments on this matter were already planned for July last year. However, it was only in September last year that the court managed to hear the penultimate witness – PiS senator Grzegorz Bierecki. Bierecki had previously failed to appear on several court dates, citing his senatorial duties.

Wojciech Kwaśniak, as vice-chairman of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, supervised the inspection of the Wołomin SKOK, from which – according to the prosecutor’s office – several billion zlotys were siphoned off. In May 2014, Kwaśniak was brutally beaten in front of his house in the Wilanów district of Warsaw. The bandit was allegedly hired by a member of the supervisory board of SKOK Wołomin.

There is also an ongoing trial of former heads and employees of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

Meanwhile, in mid-September last year, the trial of former heads and employees of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority began before the Warsaw district court, accused of, among others, failure to fulfill official duties regarding SKOK Wołomin.

There are a total of 11 people on the defendant’s bench. These include: Andrzej Jakubiak – chairman of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority in 2011-2016 and Wojciech Kwaśniak – his deputy at that time. The Szczecin regional prosecutor’s office accused them of failing to perform official duties in order to obtain financial benefits. According to the prosecutor’s office, these officials, while supervising SKOK Wołomin in 2013-2014, committed negligence that allowed the continuation of criminal activities at this union.

SKOK Wołomin scandal.  Three people were detained, including attorney Marcin D.

SKOK Wołomin scandal. Three people were detained, including attorney Marcin D. 16/12 | Agents of the Central Anticorruption Bureau detained Marcin D., a well-known attorney from Tricity, the tvn24.pl portal learned. The investigation is examining irregularities in the supervision of SKOK Wołomin, including “referring to influence in a state institution.” tvn24

In December 2018, the CBA detained Jakubiak, Kwaśniak and several other KNF officials who were defendants in this trial. They were then transported to Szczecin. However, in 2019, the Szczecin court found that the detention was unjustified and revoked all preventive measures applied to the detainees. – The court clearly stated that the prosecutor’s office did not in any way substantiate any actions that would violate the legal procedure on my part or that of other KNF employees regarding the supervision of SKOK Wołomin – Kwaśniak said then.

– I made sure that the highest diligence and professionalism was maintained in activities towards SKOK Wołomin. I am convinced that during this trial, me and my colleagues will be cleared of the charges, Jakubiak emphasized before the Court of Appeal in September.

Kwaśniak repeatedly reminded that he himself was the victim of an attack for revealing a criminal practice, and the charge brought against him by the prosecutor in the case before the Supreme Court was absurd.

Main photo source: TVN24

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