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Warsaw. Trzaskowski to Kaczyński: please enjoy beefsteaks in Żoliborz as much as you want

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Even Jarosław Kaczyński honored me with his attention. Once again – we do not introduce any restrictions on eating meat in Warsaw. I understand that the manipulation of colleagues liked it. Please enjoy beefsteaks in Żoliborz as much as you like – the president of PiS, Rafał Trzaskowski, addressed the president of Warsaw.

“Meat Affair”, triggered by a report by Leeds scientists for the organization 40 Cities, described after four years in the media, is gaining wider and wider circles. After a series of statements by right-wing politicians, threatening with food rationing and meat ration cards, the president of PiS referred to the matter in “Sieci”.

Jarosław Kaczyński assessed that “a great madness is revealed to us”. The head of PiS pointed out that “these projects show that everyone could eat a maximum of 16 kg of meat a year” and that this is less than during martial law and less than later white-collar workers received, because “the cards from Jaruzelski had 2.5 kg per month, or 30 kg per year.

– I want to strongly emphasize this: we are for freedom, we do not want artificial restrictions in the name of some ideology. Poles will never hear from us that they should limit eating meat, drinking milk, that they are obliged to change their car to an electric one or wear two shirts or dresses, he declared.

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“Please enjoy the beefsteaks”

Trzaskowski referred to Kaczyński’s statement in a Twitter post on Saturday. “Even President Kaczyński honored me with his attention. Once again – we do not introduce any restrictions on eating meat in Warsaw. I understand that the manipulation of colleagues liked it. Please enjoy beefsteaks in Żoliborz for years – at will! Who will forbid a rich rentier,” he wrote. Earlier, the mayor of Warsaw emphasized that the solutions from the C40 report are only recommendations.

I haven’t seen such manipulation in a long time. We are dealing with recommendations that are completely not legally binding for anyone. Which speak only about what the future may look like when it comes to counting emissions,” said the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, at a press conference on Friday. “Warsaw has not made any commitments in this matter,” he stressed.

J. Kaczyński: a great madness is revealed to usFORUM

Recommendations for the C40 group

The C40 study indicates that urban consumption – what city dwellers use, eat and wear, and how those things are made and transported – is a bigger driver of global greenhouse gas emissions than previously thought. The report found that consumption-related emissions from nearly 100 large cities around the world already account for 10% of global emissions. global greenhouse gas emissions, and without urgent action, these emissions will almost double by 2050. The report’s recommendations include reducing consumption of meat, dairy products, buying clothes, cars and air travel. Members of the organization include Warsaw.

C40 was established in 2005 by the mayors of 18 largest cities – including Warsaw – to counteract the climate crisis. The current chairman is the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. In 2021, over 1,000 local governments joined the C40 initiative to limit the increase in global average temperature. 97 cities belong to the association, including Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Copenhagen, Lisbon, London, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, New York, Washington, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Beijing , Hong Kong, Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo and Melbourne.

The report prepared for the organization was published in 2019. It contains proposals for actions that could help limit the increase in global average temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius – indicated as the goal of the so-called. the UN Paris Agreement in 2015. The main measure to limit the increase in average temperatures is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Activities included in the C40 report include: limiting the use of consumer goods, the production and distribution of which particularly contributes to the increase in global emissions – such as meat production or air transport.

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Main photo source: PAP/Piotr Nowak

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