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Warsaw. Two fire departments switch places

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Rescue and Firefighting Unit No. 2 from the Włochy district and its counterpart No. 6 in Bielany will change their seats. What is the reason for this strange castling? “Six” received a modern laboratory on wheels last year, which does not fit in her garage.

JRG 6 is located on the corner of Aleja Zjednoczenia and ul. Marymoncka in Bielany. It is a building from the 1950s, which, although its best days are behind it, still serves firefighters faithfully. They form a specialist chemical rescue group, which is an important unit from a strategic point of view. Last year, the “six” received several new cars, new equipment, it was also strengthened personally. And it started getting tight.

At the beginning of the year, the Warsaw unit received one more vehicle – an ultra-modern, mobile laboratory. In practice, it is a truck with a semi-trailer worth about PLN 12 million. Inside, there is equipment used by chemical and ecological rescue groups. Such expensive and sensitive equipment can simply be left outside, and it so happened that the garage in a several-dozen-year-old unit turned out to be too small.

Fittings, analysis, decision

– Research on this topic has been going on for some time. The commanders analyzed the possibility of moving the equipment to another unit. There were several fittings – admits Artur Laudy, press officer of the Municipal Fire Brigade Headquarters in Warsaw.

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The choice finally fell on the headquarters of the Rescue and Fire Fighting Unit No. 2 at Chrościckiego Street. In Italy, there is a building erected already in the 21st century, much more modern and meeting modern needs.

– There are more firefighters working in JRG 6, this unit has more equipment. On the other hand, the current JRG 2, importantly, has a larger garage, which is mainly what we need to accommodate the laboratory. It would be good if such equipment was not exposed to weather conditions, and thus it would serve us for a long time – adds Laudy.

Two days and after moving

The move is already underway. Currently, equipment and documents are being transported. Computers will have to be connected, a moment to settle in and from Thursday firefighters will go to other units than before.

– Everything is going smoothly, because the whole plan was written out beforehand. This way you can speed up the whole action. We have our own logistic base – emphasizes the press officer of KM PSP in Warsaw.

Will anything change in terms of public safety? Artur Laudy assures that no. The tasks of both units are the same, firefighters underwent the same training. They may have to visit sensitive places in the new area and learn some details related to the topography, but this should not be too much of a problem. After all, it’s still one city.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński, tvnwarszawa.pl

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