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Warsaw. Two pendolino trains to Krakow from Warszawa Główna. You can’t buy a ticket there

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Some trains to Kraków will depart from the capital city of Warszawa Główna station. The problem is that you can’t buy tickets for Intercity trains there. The railway workers found a solution.

Warszawa Główna is the main station in name only. It was like this until the mid-1970s, when the Central Station was opened. Over time, the role of the Main Railway Station decreased more and more, the last passenger train left this station in 1997. But two years ago, the well-located station was reactivated to relieve the others for the time of renovation of the cross-city line.

Now it mainly serves Koleje Mazowieckie trains to Łowicz, Sochaczew, Skierniewice and Łódź. From Sunday, June 11, a pair of trains will also depart from here for the pendolino to Kraków.

“Connections with the redirection of trains to Warszawa Główna station for the EIP 1313 train from Warszawa Główna to Kraków Główny will be made between June 11 – June 25 and August 20 – September 2, and for the EIP 3106 Kraków Główny – Warszawa Główna train between June 11 – June 25 and August 19 – September 2” – informs the Intercity company.

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Main, but without the station and ticket offices

The carrier does not hide that the redirection of trains is a consequence of repairs and related difficulties.

– The changes result from the subsequent stages of modernization of the Warszawa Zachodnia station and the lack of capacity in this period both on the section Warszawa Zachodnia – Warszawa Centralna and at the station Warsaw Gdansk. In this case, the Warszawa Główna station is the only alternative to enable passengers to travel from/to Warsaw by these trains – explains Marta Ziemska from the press office of PKP Intercity.

The problem is that there is no station with ticket offices at the Warszawa Główna station (the building serves only museum functions, the Museum Station is located in it), and the vending machines located at the entrance to the platforms from Towarowa side sell only Koleje Mazowieckie tickets.

– Arrangements are still underway regarding the check-in of travelers at the Warszawa Główna station – Ziemska replied in mid-May when we asked about solutions. At the same time, she pointed out that the vast majority of tickets for long-distance trains are purchased online. But not all of them, the best proof of which are the queues at the windows at the nearby Central Railway Station.

No extra charge, but only from this station

Of course, you can also buy a ticket from the conductor. Things get complicated in the pendolino. Because there, if there is no free seat, the conductor adds PLN 150 to the price of each, and so not cheap, ticket. However, railway workers have found a solution – connections from Warszawa Główna will not be covered by an additional fee.

– Travelers who want to buy a ticket at the Warszawa Główna station will be able to buy a ticket from the conductor. Before boarding the train, the passenger should notify the conductor team of his willingness to purchase a ticket. The conductor will verify whether there are free seats and will sell the ticket without charging the traveler with an additional fee – explains the Intercity spokeswoman. – The situation is exceptional and will only take place at the Warszawa Główna station on the indicated train – emphasizes Marta Ziemska.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński, tvnwarszawa.pl

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