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Warsaw. Two stops have returned to Na Rozdrożu Square. Reconstruction

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Reconstruction of Na Rozdrożu Square is underway. Two bus stops have returned to their places. They have been widened and given a new surface. You can go down to it using new stairs. Work on elevators and marking out ground crossings is still ongoing.

As of Wednesday, April 10, two bus stops along the Łazienkowska Route have returned to their permanent locations: Plac Na Rozdrożu 05 and 06. They are used by as many as 13 bus lines, including day and night ones. The contractor of the works, Strabag Polska, provided passengers with new stairs connecting the lower and upper levels of the square.

Two pairs of stairs were rebuilt, replacing the old, rusty structures that were demolished. “They have an anti-slip surface and a double handrail known from the stations of the second metro line, which makes it easier for people of different heights to use them,” emphasized the Municipal Roads Authority in a statement.

There are plans to demolish the third pair of stairs at the southern edge of the square. These works are to be carried out closer to the holidays. These stairs lead to an empty space that has been unused for decades as a reserve for a possible bus stop. “The existing stairs are in as bad a condition as the others, and at the same time their reconstruction is not justified at this time,” ZDM explained.

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New stop platforms

Passengers are already using the new stop platforms. As road engineers emphasized, they are more comfortable – wider and longer. “They also have a surface made of high-quality materials and markings at the edges made for blind and visually impaired people,” they described.

There is also an additional shelter at each stop. Road workers also increased the area of ​​green islands at the eastern ends of both stops. They are planted with plants, and the first trees have already appeared on one of them.

Before the renovation, the stops practically did not differ in width from the shelters located on them. The surface was undulating asphalt, and the edge of the platform was marked only by a yellow line.

Elevators, ground crossings and other routes

The reconstruction of Na Rozdrożu Square also includes the construction of elevators to both stops, designation of new ground crossings, reconstruction of the pedestrian and bicycle routes system and increasing the amount of greenery also on the upper level.

“The target shape of this space after the above-mentioned changes is becoming more and more visible. Strabag is in the process of building and rebuilding bicycle routes running around the perimeter of the square. The entrances to the underground passages have been demolished, which prevented the designation of above-ground passages,” the road designers said.

As part of the temporary traffic organization, there is a ground crossing at Aleja Wyzwolenia. Another such crossing is being built in the area of ​​Koszykowa Street.

New surface for the holidays

One of the last stages of work will be the renovation of the road surface. The Municipal Roads Authority plans to carry it out during the summer holidays. “It is very important to coordinate the work on the construction of the tram to Wilanów and to keep disruptions to a minimum. The reconstruction of bus stops was carried out in the same spirit. Temporary stops and marked access routes to them were available at all times,” ZDM noted.

Main photo source: ZDM Warszawa

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