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Warsaw Uprising. 79th anniversary of the outbreak. Stefan Meissner, pseudonym “Krzysztof”, appeals to young people to participate in the elections

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Stefan Meissner, pseudonym “Krzysztof”, a Warsaw insurgent, appealed in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 to the younger generations to participate in the elections. – I want all young people to hear that it is not worth losing what we fought for. Democracy in Poland is under threat. Going to the elections is our duty, it is the decision we want Poland to have; whether we want a democratic one or do we want a dictatorship,” he stressed.

Tuesday marks the 79th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising.

Roll of Remembrance at the Warsaw Uprising Monument

Stefan Meissner, pseudonym “Krzysztof”, participant in the Warsaw Uprising, currently living in Canadahe spoke in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 about why he comes to Poland every year to celebrate subsequent anniversaries.

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– Because I feel (here – ed.) at home, because I come to free Poland, to my beloved Warsaw, which is always in my heart and will be for the rest of my life. It’s a duty and a pleasure. It’s a pleasure to be among Poles and remember those comrades-in-arms who have passed away, my brothers who have passed away, who are no longer there – he said.

The insurgent’s appeal to the young. “Pencils in hand”

When asked what he sees when he comes to Poland, Meissner said that “until recently” it was the Poland he fought for. – Now it rolls arbitrarily into a dictatorship. And that not only scares me, but hurts me,” he added.

Then he turned to the representatives of the younger generation. He encouraged them to participate in the elections. – Hey, young people! Pencils in hand. The fate of Poland is soon before us. Today a pencil is to you what a rifle used to be to us. Hey, who’s Polish, to the elections! Live freedom. Live Poland. We don’t want dictators. Let this be the motto of the day, he said.

– I want all young people to hear – it’s not worth losing what we fought for – he continued.

At the same time, he stated that democracy in Poland is now “under threat”. – Because every day I look at news from all over the world, from Poland, and I see what is happening – he explained.

He stressed that going to the polls is a duty for the young generation, just as it was for his generation 79 years ago to fight to defend the homeland.

– The elections that are coming are not a choice between the name of this party or another party, or this economic program or another. This is the decision we want Poland to have: whether it is democratic or whether we want to have a dictatorship – he said.

“It’s our duty to help”

Meissner also spoke about the attitude of Polish society towards migrants.

– How it started war in Ukraine and the Ukrainians started to flee, and the Poles welcomed them, I was proud of my countrymen, (…). And when I hear voices – politicians or anyone – who threaten with emigrants, I feel ashamed when they are Poles. And unfortunately, sometimes I hear such voices in the media and I am ashamed of Poles – he said.

Because freedom is only appreciated when it is lost. These people are running for freedom, they are looking for freedom, they are running away from death, from danger. It is our duty to help, he stressed.

Main photo source: TVN24

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