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Warsaw. Uprising battles were taking place nearby. The tenement house at Grójecka 184 in the register of monuments

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The Mazovian Provincial Conservator of Monuments entered the building at 184 Grójecka Street in Warsaw into the register of monuments. “The decision will prevent its demolition and the erection of modern high-rise buildings in this place. The building has historical values. Fights related to the Warsaw Uprising took place in its area” – we read in MWKZ’s social media.

The conservator reminded the history of the building. It was erected after 1928, most probably in the years 1930-31, on a plot that initially belonged to the Housing Cooperative “Ochota Robotnicza”, from 1928 to Leon Konrad Wilman.

Apartments, workers’ hotel, office building

In 1935, the tenement house was purchased by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, and then by Tadeusz and Julia Kurowski (1936). During World War II, it was shelled by German troops. In 1955, the property was taken over by the State Treasury. At that time, it was initially used for residential purposes. From 1975 it was adapted to the seat of a workers’ hotel, then after 1980 to an office building. There were, among others, the headquarters of the Warsaw Municipal Construction Company WARSBUD or the Road and Sewerage Company. In 2017, the building was handed over to the heirs of the pre-war owners.

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The tenement house at Grójecka 184 in the register of monumentsMWKZ

Holes in the walls of the building after shelling

“The property is a typical example of residential architecture of the early 1930s. The building is a preserved example of buildings in this part of Ochota. It also has historical values ​​as a silent witness to history. Fights related to the Warsaw Uprising took place in this area, which resulted in a large hole in the walls of the building after shelling” – reminded the provincial conservator of monuments.

As he added, a kilometer further, on the same street, there is a large-scale commemoration of the warfare – the Monument of the September Barricade from 1979, fully developed.

“Images of the building from 1945 are known, when the building shows signs of significant damage. The tenement house, as an authentic object, is a valuable element of the local history of the street. It has artistic values ​​that are expressed in modest, minimalist aesthetics” – summarized in the justification for the entry in the register of monuments.

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The owner of the building at Plac Zbawiciela fined for building arcades Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: MWKZ

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