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Warsaw Uprising. Celebrations of the 77th anniversary in Warsaw (report)

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The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, laid a wreath in front of the plaques on a fragment of the wall of J. Franaszek’s factory, in the place of remembrance of the seven thousand inhabitants of Wola murdered by the Germans.

– Today is really special day every year – August 1, which is a day of remembrance for the heroes of the Warsaw Uprising for Warsaw residents, but also for everyone in Poland; about those who did not hesitate to fight – one would like to say – with a weapon in their hand, but the truth is that most of them had no weapons. This special place that we must remember is Wola, where in the first days of the Uprising, the Germans committed incredible bestiality, ruthlessly murdering thousands of inhabitants. These were innocent civilian victims, they were ordinary residents of Warsaw – said Duda.

The President drew attention to the great steadfastness of the inhabitants of Warsaw who fought in the Uprising and those who supported them: – They survived in order to return after the Uprising and rebuild their city. This is the symbol not only of Warsaw, but also of the entire Republic of Poland. The Republic, even trampled by the enemy, even beaten, each time rises with the steadfastness of all of us.

– When we talk about heroism, it must be clearly and strongly said – this overall balance is positive, so it was worth it. Because this freedom would probably not exist if it were not for that heroism, if it were not for that blood, if it were not for that sacrifice. Hello and praise to the heroes – summed up President Duda.

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