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Warsaw Uprising. Celebrations of the 77th anniversary of the outbreak in many cities in Poland

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On the occasion of the anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, ceremonies commemorating the heroes from 77 years ago were held in many Polish cities. Their memory was commemorated, inter alia, by turning on the sirens in the “W” hour, a minute of silence, laying flowers and lighting candles in symbolic places. In the Marian Sanctuary in Licheń Stary, the largest bell in Poland – Mary the Mother of God rang at 5 p.m., in front of the basilica in Szczecin, soldiers created the symbol of Fighting Poland with the insurgents and residents, and concerts of insurgent and patriotic songs were organized in several places.

Events related to the celebration of the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising take place on Sunday in many cities in Poland.


Łódź. Celebration of the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw UprisingPAP / Grzegorz Michałowski


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Łódź. Monument to the Warsaw Insurgents to commemorate the fallen

Celebrations were also organized at the Old Cemetery at the grave of Barbara Nazdrowicz “Wiewiórka”. This is one of the most famous insurgent graves in Łódź. Barbara Nazdarowicz died in the uprising as a teenage girl. At first she was buried in Pole Mokotowskie. Then her parents, who returned to Łódź after the war, exhumed her daughter’s body and buried it in the Roman Catholic Old Cemetery in Łódź.

So far, about 200 graves of participants of the uprising have been identified in cemeteries in Łódź. However, the Institute of National Remembrance is still looking for more. The database of the Warsaw Uprising Museum contains data on several dozen insurgents who died in Łódź.

One of the people who survived the uprising and settled in Łódź after the war was the economist Henryk Gołębiowski, who, together with his wife Maria – a pediatrician known in Łódź – initiated the erection of the Monument to the Warsaw Insurgents. Five years ago, a commemorative stone was erected at ul. Polish army. The spouses died a year later. On August 1, the inhabitants of Łódź, gathered around the Free Group – Łódź, meet spontaneously next to the memorial site they created. They light candles and lay flowers at the monument. This year, after the end of the ceremony, the Union of Reservists of the Polish Army, Łódź Branch, also took those willing to visit the graves of the insurgents at the nearby Doły cemetery.


Silesia. Alarm sirens

At 5.00 p.m. the alarm sirens sounded also in Silesia. As part of the symbolic commemoration of the insurgents, a continuous sound was emitted for three minutes, indicating the cancellation of the alarm.

In this way, the provincial training of the efficiency of alarm sirens was also carried out. As is customary, on August 1, a siren test is carried out in the region to test the system’s operation and symbolically commemorate the insurgents.

“W” hour in KatowicePAP / Andrzej Grygiel

Cracow. A minute of silence for fallen insurgents

In Krakow, in the “W” hour on the Main Square, the memory of the fallen was commemorated with a minute of silence. Flags hung on public buildings. White and red flags were also found on means of public transport. Just after 5 p.m. in St. Mary’s Basilica, the mass for the fallen and the Fatherland began. The homily was delivered by Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski, Archbishop of Kraków.

On pl. Matejko, in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, ceremonies with the participation of the Polish Army, a roll call of the fallen, laying wreaths, and lighting a candle from the authorities of Krakow are planned. The program of the Sunday celebrations also included the awarding of the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta by Lt. Col. Ryszard Brodowski, honorary president of the Lesser Poland District of the World Association of Home Army Soldiers.

In the evening, the footbridge of Father Bernatek, the Lipska-Wielicka tramway, the Tauron Arena Kraków and the TV tower in Krzemionki will be illuminated in the white and red colors. A concert of patriotic songs “Kadrówka 1914” is to take place in the Mały Rynek.

Poznan. The sound of sirens at the “W” hour, followed by a minute of silence

In Poznań, ceremonies commemorating the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising are traditionally celebrated at the monument to the Polish Underground State and the Home Army. They are held with the participation of residents, representatives of local and regional authorities, as well as veterans.

In the “W” hour, sirens sounded all over the city, followed by a minute of silence to commemorate the heroes of the uprising.

After the ceremony at the monument, flowers will also be placed at the Home Army plaque in the cloisters of the church of Fr. Dominican. Then in the church of Najświętszej Zbawiciela at ul. Fredro, a mass will be celebrated. for the Warsaw Insurgents.

A bell rang in Lichen Stary, concerts are planned in other places

Celebrations commemorating the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising are also held in other places in Greater Poland. Exactly at 5 p.m. in the Marian Sanctuary in Licheń Stary, the largest bell in Poland sounded – Mary the Mother of God. Earlier in Licheń there was a concert of Patriotic Song performed by the Sanctuary Wind Quintet.

In Leszno, the city mayor will lay a bunch of flowers at the Monument to the Home Army Soldiers. Candles were lit. As part of the events accompanying the official celebrations, an exhibition about the Warsaw Uprising, and a lecture on the uprising.

Sirens also sounded in Gniezno, Konin and Kalisz. A concert is planned in Piła on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. Meetings and concerts of patriotic songs are also planned in smaller towns in the region, including Czarnków and Chodzież.

Szczecin. The sign of Fighting Poland in front of the basilica

In Szczecin, soldiers of the Territorial Defense Forces together with insurgents and residents created the symbol of Fighting Poland in front of the Archcathedral Basilica of st. James the Apostle.

In “W” hour, alarm sirens sounded.

In Szczecin, the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising is celebratedTVN24

Gdansk. An insurgent’s speech

Sirens wailed at 5 p.m. in Gdańsk. During the ceremony at Targ Rakowy at the obelisk of the Polish Underground State, a Warsaw insurgent and a soldier of the Home Army, Jerzy Grzywacz, aka Tapir.

He said that the memory of the events of 1944 comes back all the time. – I listened to these sirens with great emotion, which were to commemorate the 77th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising – he said. Grzywacz did not hide his emotions that so many participants gathered on Sunday. He also expressed the hope that the memory of the Poles’ uprising in 1944 “will survive for centuries”.

Białystok. Wreaths and flowers at the monument to soldiers of the Home Army

In Białystok, the celebrations took place at the monument to the soldiers of the Home Army. The ceremony was attended by representatives of state and local authorities, parliamentarians, uniformed services, veterans and flagship posts. After occasional speeches and prayers for the deceased in the Catholic and Orthodox rites, wreaths and flowers were placed at the monument.

Sirens wailed throughout the region.

Lublin. Celebrations connected with the anniversary of the “Burza” campaign

The celebrations in Lublin began with the sounds of sirens and the playing of the national anthem. In the evening, a concert of insurgent songs is also planned.

Main photo source: PAP / Grzegorz Michałowski

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