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Warsaw, Ursynów. Police chase, crashed police car. There are prosecutorial charges

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The prosecutor’s office brought charges against the driver of a Renault who fled from the police through the streets of Ursynów and collided with a police car. Shots were fired during the chase.

The incident took place on Monday. The officers wanted to stop the driver of a Renault Megane for exceeding the speed limit. When the police approached the car, the driver of the car with British registration numbers suddenly drove away and started to run away.

Pursuit of an 18-year-old. He didn’t have a driving license

The policemen gave chase. Finally, the car stopped at the parking lot at ul. Mała Łąka, where it collided with a police car. After the collision, the young man got out of the vehicle and started running away. Officers fired warning shots, but he did not respond. After a while, the police managed to catch him. As it later turned out, the 18-year-old did not have a driving license.

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The case was handled by the Warsaw-Ursynów District Prosecutor’s Office. – After being brought to the prosecutor’s office, the man was charged with three charges: failure to stop for a road check, endangering the life and health of intervening police officers and possession of narcotic drugs, because during a search of his place of residence marijuana was discovered – said the spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw on Wednesday, prosecutor Szymon Banna.

He pleaded guilty and faces prison

He added that the 18-year-old was interrogated as a suspect and gave an explanation in which he admitted his guilt.

– At the time of arrest, the man was sober, but blood was taken from him for toxicological tests. By the prosecutor’s decision, he was placed under police supervision with the obligation to report to a designated unit three times a week, as well as a ban on leaving the country, Banna said.

For these acts, he faces a sentence of up to five years in prison.

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Citizen’s arrest of a drunk driverKPP Piaseczno

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