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Warsaw, Ursynów. Police: he damaged an antique BMW with a machete, because he didn’t like the way the driver was driving

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Police from Ursynów detained a 36-year-old suspected of, inter alia, directing criminal threats, deliberate damage to property and misappropriation of a car. As the spokesman for this command said, it was not the first time they had dealt with Mariusz Ł. This time the man was supposed to damage an antique BMW with a machete, because he did not like the driver’s way of driving.

– This is not the first time that Ursynów criminals dealt with a 36-year-old resident of this district. The man has in the past been convicted and in prison for threats, robberies, beatings, drugs and failure to comply with court orders. He had nothing to do with the law, said a spokesman for the Ursynów subcommittee. Robert Koniuszy.

As he added, Mariusz Ł. Borrowed a Skoda Octavia from his friend, and later did not want to return it. – When the owner of the car asked for it, he told her to shut up or he would kill her. The woman gave up, but informed the police about it – the officer explained.

The 36-year-old did not like the fact that the vintage BMW in front of him turned too late into the right-hand lane when he was driving the S2 route at the end of July. – Disturbed by this situation, during the exit from the route to Puławska Street in the direction of Ursynów, a BMW drove up, forcing the driver to brake. Then he got out of the car with a machete of several centimeters and began to hit the hood and the pillars of the old, expensive car, in which the aggrieved man and his wife were sitting. The 36-year-old shouted threats to take their lives. Then he returned to the Skoda and drove on – reported Koniuszy.


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He heard four charges

The victims reported the case to the police. – The police detained the suspect a few days after the incident, at Liwska Street in Targówek. The man was driving a Volkswagen. During the inspection, it turned out that it has two current court bans on driving all motor vehicles, valid until 2027, the subcommittee said. And he added that in the man’s apartment, the policemen found a Skoda key with a machete in it.

The suspect was charged with criminal threats, willful damage to property, misappropriation of a Skoda Octavia car and violation of court prohibitions. For the alleged acts he faces a prison sentence of at least five years.

The policemen found a machete in the car that the suspect was supposed to damage the car withKRP II

We also informed about the man who was on Saturday night went to the boulevard with a machete:

The incident took place on the boulevards (video without sound) Michał, Contact 24

Main photo source: KRP II

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