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Warsaw. Ursynów Run and Freedom Run. Run route, start time. Impediments

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The 15th edition of the Ursynów Run will take place on Sunday. Participants have to overcome a five-kilometre route leading along KEN Avenue. In turn, the Freedom Run will run through Ursus on the 34th anniversary of the partially free elections to the Sejm and Senate of the Republic of Poland. There is a symbolic 1989 meters to run. The competition will be associated with difficulties for drivers.

On Sunday, June 4, participants of the run will run along Ursynów and Ursus streets. Drivers and passengers of public transport should expect difficulties.

Ursynów Run

In the 15th edition of the Ursynów Run, runners will have to cover a five-kilometre route marked on KEN Avenue. They will compete in a loop from Płaskowicka Street to the intersection with Surowiecki and Beli Bartoka Streets. The start and finish will be located at the height of the Ursynów town hall. Start at 10 am, competitors will have a maximum of 45 minutes to cover the distance.

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There will be designated detours for public transport buses. The changes will take effect at 8-11.

The organizers will start preparations for the run two hours before the start of the event. At 8 o’clock the first part of KEN Avenue will be closed. It will be the western lane (on the side of the town hall) on the section from Gandhi Street to Płaskowicka Street (without the Krahelska roundabout).

The Ursynów run will take place this SundayCity Hall of Warsaw

Closed streets

The complete closure of both carriageways of KEN Avenue on the section from the Krahelska roundabout (without this intersection) to Bartoka Street (also without the intersection) will take place at 9.30. Around 11 am, traffic should resume on this thoroughfare, with the exception of the road near the office (west) between Gandhi and Płaskowicka streets. Traffic will resume around 11.30am. The Krahelska roundabout will remain open throughout the event.

During the competition, the entrances of the streets crossing KEN Avenue and the exits from the housing estates connecting directly to the route of the run will also be closed. Residents of the streets west of the run route should follow Gandhi, Ciszewskiego, Herbsta Streets to Pileckiego Street. People living on the eastern side of KEN Avenue via Gandhi, Ciszewskiego and Jastrzębskiego Streets will be able to leave towards Rosoła Street. On Sunday, June 4, on KEN Avenue, from Płaskowicka Street to the intersection with Surowieckiego and Bartóka Streets, there will be a ban on stopping and parking, also in designated parking spaces.

“The organizers encourage you to take the subway to the run – the start is located right next to the Imielin station” – reported the capital city hall.

The route of the 15th Ursynów RunUrsynów Run

Public transport will take detours

Due to the 15th Run of Ursynów, bus lines 136, 148, 179, 185, 193, 209, 217, 239, 263, 503, 715 and 737 will run detours. section of KEN avenue (from Gandhi street to Krahelska roundabout), bus line 217 will start running by detour. Heading towards Natolin Połnocne, at the intersection of Cynamonowa and Gandhi streets, turn right into the latter and stop at the stop Polinezyjska 03. towards Metro Wilanowska, and on the way they will pass through Gandhi and Rosoła Streets. This detour route will also apply during the closure of the entire route of the run.

From 9.30 am, other lines will be diverted to the routes. Buses will use detours: 136 in the direction of Natolin Północny, 148 and 185 in both directions, 179 in the direction of Ursynów Północny, 193 in the direction of Ursynów Północny, 209 in the direction of Ursynów Południowy, 239 in both directions, 263 in both directions, 503 in the direction of Natolin Północny, 715 and 737 towards Ursynów Północny.

Run for the anniversary of partially free elections

The Freedom Run will start in Ursus at 10 am to celebrate the 34th anniversary of partially free elections to the Sejm and Senate of the Republic of Poland. The runners will compete over a distance of 1989 meters, symbolizing a breakthrough date for Polish democracy. The route can be covered by running, walking or with poles.

Participants of the competition will start at 10 am from June 1976 Square. Then they will run along Traktoristów Street, turn back at the connector with Dyrekcyjna Street, go back to Czerwca 1976 Square and continue along Hennela Street to the finish line located on the square.

Freedom RunFreedom Run

Traffic impediments

Drivers and passengers of public transport should expect difficulties. The route of the run will be closed to traffic between 9.50-10.30.

The changes will also apply to public transport passengers. On Sunday, June 4, the Ursus-Ratusz loop will be closed from the beginning of the day until around 2 pm. For this reason, buses of line 207 will run on a shortened route: Regulska, Posag 7 Panien, Habicha, and buses 228 will run on a detour: Sasanki, Świerszcza, Traktoristów, Szamoty, Zajezdnia Ursus Północny.

Additionally, at 9.30-10.30 the line 194 will also go differently. In both directions, the following route will apply: Cementarz Wolski, Aleja 4 June 1989, Szamoty, Posag 7 Maidens, Gierdziejewskiego, Lalka, Władysława Jagiełło, Wojciechowski to PKP Gołąbki.

Freedom Run Routehttps://infoulice.um.warszawa.pl/

Main photo source: City Hall of Warsaw

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