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Warsaw, Ursynów. Square in the park of John Paul II. Officials will plant more greenery there

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Ursynów officials presented the concept of the reconstruction of the square with a fountain in the district park. John Paul II. They want nine times – from two to about 18 percent – to increase the proportion of green areas there. As they explained, the square heats up and becomes empty on hot days, hence the idea for new plantings.

In the Ursynów town hall, in the remote formula, an information meeting for residents was held on Monday, during which the concept of redeveloping the square with a fountain in the Park. John Paul II. Its assumption is to increase the share of greenery in the square nine times. Among other things, new plantings of trees and large shrubs have been planned.

– The presented proposal is in line with the current in Warsaw tendency to green concrete squares and city streets. It is an expression of the adaptation of urban space to climate change and the expectations of the residents of Ursynów – said Bartosz Dominiak, the deputy mayor of the district, quoted in the announcement. – After completion of the works, the square with the fountain will not only become a more user-friendly place, but also its aesthetics – he added.


Green as a remedy for heating and voids

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Currently, only two percent of the square with a fountain is green. As the district town hall points out, “on hot days it warms up and empties, hence the idea to make this place greener”. As part of the reconstruction of the square, the existing bowls under the trees will be enlarged and new discounts will be created in the area of ​​the fountain, the church and the eastern part of the square. As a result, the biologically active surface area will increase ninefold, from two to about 18 percent.

Officials point out that “due to the unfavorable soil conditions for trees, the linden trees growing directly in the square are much smaller and weaker than their peers planted on lawns further in the park”. Therefore, under a significant part of the square, the foundation layer will be replaced with the so-called “structural substrate”, creating appropriate air and water conditions for the development of tree roots, which in turn will allow free growth of tree crowns.

The existing row of linden trees will be supplemented, and new trees and shrubs will also appear in the eastern part of the square. Discounts will be green with shrubs, ornamental grasses, perennials and bulb plants. “The introduced greenery will give shade and coolness in the future, will improve the microclimate in the square, and will also increase biodiversity and natural retention of rainwater” – reported Ursynów officials.

New benches and matching bicycle stands

It is also planned to install modern and comfortable benches with armrests and large waste bins on the square, as well as to replace tables and bicycle stands with models stylistically matched to the design of the benches. After the reconstruction, the area of ​​the square will be accessible to people with disabilities.

“Greening cities and increasing local water retention is one of the adaptation measures recommended by scientists, which enables functioning in the conditions of a climate crisis, and also has an impact on limiting climate change” – reminded the Ursynów town hall.

We also wrote about a varsavianist who criticized the idea of ​​planting trees in historic streets in Warsaw:

Reconstruction of Pięć Rogów squareArtur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Proinwestycja / Facebook, Bartosz Dominiak

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