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Warsaw, Ursynów. The end of Multikino in Ursynów. The mayor plans to buy a projector

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Multikino will disappear from Ursynów. Residents are already expressing their dissatisfaction, and Robert Kempa, the mayor of the district, invites you to the Ursynów Cultural Center and announces: we will buy a professional projector.

The multiplex at the Imielin station, opened in 1999, has become a permanent fixture in the landscape of Ursynów. Unfortunately, people have to accept that that a cult cinema for many will disappear from the map of the district. According to the local plan for the area of ​​Indira Gandhi, residential development was allowed in the place of Multikino. The value of the plot increased significantly and the owner decided to sell it.

However, the mayor of Ursynów will not leave the inhabitants without the charms of the cinema screen. He also believes that it is possible to return cinematic attractions elsewhere.

“It’s a pity to close it”

However, the mayor of Ursynów will not leave the inhabitants without the charms of the cinema screen. He also believes that it is possible to return cinematic attractions elsewhere. – The Multikino complex is a piece of Ursynów’s history and it is a pity to close it. However, we do not know how the plans of other entities building in Ursynów will end – he said. He gave an example of a Tesco lot. – There were preparations for the construction of a cinema – he noted. He also added that there is an Ursynów Center at the intersection of Płaskowicka and Puławska, where a cinema could be located.

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– I would not be surprised that in two or three years, individual investors will make decisions when they see that there is such an interesting piece of the market as Ursynów, that it is worth building a cinema here. Something that they previously considered as potential, but would have to compete with Multikino, will now turn out to be more profitable in terms of business – he emphasized.

He noted that the district expected the closure of the complex and has already taken some steps.

They will buy a projector

– Expecting that sooner or later this transaction will take place, we will buy a professional projector for the 350-seat entertainment and theater hall in the Ursynów Culture Center “Alternatywy” – he said. He added that more details would be known in a month’s time. The matter will be discussed at the May council meeting.

The mayor of Kempa emphasized that it is known, however, that in the UCK it is one room and will be shared with the theater function and various events. – From what I remember, UCK plans a permanent cinema strip and, among others, that is why we decided to make such an investment, because such a projector costs about PLN 450,000. This is not small money, but we decided on this purchase just in the direction of anticipating that sooner or later we will have to buy it – he explained. – Therefore, UCK, of course on its scale, will start competing with Multikino already in the second half of this year – he added.

– We expect that there will be more demand, because there may be a “time gap” between when new cinema complexes appear and Multikino closes. At this point, UCK will be in a good position from the point of view of distributors, it will be an interesting entity for them. It is known that this is an incomparable scale, Multikino is a cinema complex and the UCK has one room for 350 people. However, UCK will definitely want to take advantage of this opportunity – he stressed.

When will the cinema disappear from Ursynów?

The owner of the cinema complex announced that the complex will be open for another year and a half.

– Pursuant to the lease agreement signed on the date of sale, the cinema will operate unchanged for at least 18 consecutive months, offering viewers a rich repertoire and a comprehensive network offer – explained Natalia Kaleta-Nguyen from the company’s press office.

We also informed about the construction of the park over the POW:

Mayor of Ursynów: tender still in this quarterMateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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