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Warsaw. Voting in the civic budget. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”

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The deadline for voting on what is happening next to us is approaching. In Warsaw, the time for a decision on the participatory budget is until the end of the month – in other cities, the voting dates are different. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Teresa is 17 years old and struggles with quadriplegia. “It would help to see such children in urban space. Not asking us such questions as to whether our children need toys like other children. Yes, disabled children also need to swing, they need to spend time with other children, they also need to leave the house – says Judyta Król, the girl’s mother.

That is why one of the inhabitants of Ursynów decided to take matters into her own hands. – There are no proper swings, no proper slides. There are only playgrounds adapted for healthy children, sick children with their parents pass them – Teresa Grycuk describes her idea and assures that she has seen such situations.

In several places in Warsaw

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Now Teresa Grycuk wants playgrounds to be available to everyone. You can vote for her projects in the participatory budget.

– These are supposed to be slides, integration boards, sandboxes, swings, boards for hearing-impaired children – enumerates the originator.

– So that sick children, with disabilities, can play with healthy children – he adds.

There are several places in Warsaw where such places would be created. They would also be an example that thanks to participatory budgets it is possible to change the space around us for the better.

– It is worth voting because it is an opportunity to change something that politicians do not do, that local governments do not do – encourages Anna Jantos, a resident of Warsaw.

Anna’s civic project is psychological help for families on the autism spectrum. – The child receives support at the school stage, at the kindergarten stage, while families, especially parents, are left alone. They have to gain knowledge themselves, they also have to deal with their fears and anxieties on their own – he explains.

Voting continues in Warsaw

How to encourage voting? – By showing completed projects – Anna Jantos replies. In Ursynów, among others, signposts were created to help patients reach the Oncology Centre. – People accosted me and asked for directions, and this signpost will show them. It is a small cost, and it helps – describes Maciej Molak.

Voting is already underway in Warsaw.

In other places, you will usually be able to decide in September or at the turn of September and October. – I am glad that the participatory budget has higher funds – comments Molak.

Grycuk, in turn, when asked if it is difficult to write a project for the participatory budget, replies: – It is not difficult, because it was a project from the heart.

There is one hundred million zlotys to spend as part of the participatory budget in Warsaw alone. What will they be used for? Everything is in the hands of the inhabitants of the capital. You can only vote until June 30. The results will be announced on July 13.

Main photo source: Tomasz Gzell/PAP

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