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Warsaw. Warsaw Trams have announced a tender for the construction of a line along Rakowiecka Street

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Tramwaje Warszawskie has announced a tender for the construction of a fragment of a tram line along Rakowiecka Street, on the section from Puławska to Aleja Niepodległości. The last time a tram passed this way was in 1967.

– We have announced a tender for the construction of another tram connection in Mokotów. This is a short but important part of the tram to Wilanów. The tram on Rakowiecka will allow access to the Pole Mokotowskie metro station and connect Puławska with Aleja Niepodległości, informed Maciej Dutkiewicz, spokesman for Tramwaje Warszawskie.

As he calculated, after the construction of this section, the ride from Wilanów to the metro near Pole Mokotowskie will take about 15 minutes, and from Dolna – less than 10 minutes.

Tram on Rakowiecka – visualizationsWarsaw City Hall

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A green track on a quiet street

As part of the investment, approximately one kilometer of tracks will be built along Rakowiecka Street. The track will be located on the northern side of the street and will occupy part of the existing roadway. Two-way traffic on this part of Rakowiecka will be maintained. However, the street itself will take on a more intimate character, just like on the other side of Aleja Niepodległości. A total of four tram platforms will be built. The intersection with Aleja Niepodległości will also be reconstructed. The track will be green – the contractor will plant sedum on it. In addition, 46 trees will be planted.

– The planned cost of the investment is PLN 48.5 million net. The contractor will have 22 months to build the new route – said Dutkiewicz.

Tram on Rakowiecka – visualizationsWarsaw City Hall

The return of the tram after many years

The spokesman for the capital’s tram drivers reminded that trams used to run on the Rakowiecka section from Puławska to Aleja Niepodległości. – Tracks on exactly the same section, also on the northern part of the street, existed until 1967. The 1960s and 1970s were not a good time for trams in the capital. Many routes have been liquidated, believing that this will solve the problem of traffic jams – pointed out Dutkiewicz. A similar fate befell the tram line along Gagarina Street, which is currently being reconstructed.

The tram line on Rakowiecka was liquidated in 1967Warsaw Trams

Over 11 kilometers of new tram routes are currently under construction – the aforementioned line to Gagarina, Kasprzaka and Wilanów. The tender was announced in March for the construction of an underground route to the West Railway Station. – Warsaw Trams are working on preparing further routes – to Gocław, along Pole Mokotowskie, to Zielona Białołęka and along Modlińska Street. The most modern tram depot in Poland is also being built – in Annopol. 88 out of 123 ordered Hyundai trams have already arrived in Warsaw, calculated Dutkiewicz.

The route of the tram line on Rakowiecka StreetWarsaw City Hall

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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