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Warsaw. Warszawa Zachodnia Long-distance signal box in the register of monuments

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Varsovians and railway enthusiasts call it a mushroom. The Warszawa Zachodnia Long-distance signal box has just been entered in the register of monuments.

Its construction is related to the planned modernization of the Warszawa Zachodnia station in the 1960s. From the moment of commissioning in 1936, the station had a temporary character. For the purposes of the investment, the railway authorities announced an architectural competition in 1965, but the construction of the station was not started. However, a new railway signal box was built. Its concept was developed in Biuro Projektów Kolejowych and replaced the historical signal box building from the 1930s.

The signal box was located between platforms 8 and 9, which made it possible to expand the station without collision in the future. In the first decade of the 20th century, a general modernization of the railway station began. According to the project at ul. Tunelowa, a new technical building was erected, to which the signal box will be moved after it is put into use.

“The remains of the unrealized concept of the station”

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The registered control room building consists of a main room in the shape of a flattened cylinder with a diameter of approx. 12 meters, mounted on a cantilever approx. 10 m high, with an adjacent staircase. The control room was illuminated almost along the entire width with a row of PVC windows. Originally, the signal boxes were painted in a light color, the poles were darker in color.

Warszawa Zachodnia Long-distance signal box in the register of monumentsMWKZ

“The state of preservation of the building is good. The modernist building was built in a style characteristic of projects implemented at that time by Polish railways. It is currently the only remnant of the unrealized urban concept of the railway station from the 1960s and 1970s” – explained the Masovian Voivodship Monument Conservator Jakub Levitical.

It has permanently entered the landscape

MWKZ pointed out that the signal box illustrates an important stage of conceptual work related to the development of the western transport hub, as evidenced by the choice of location (enabling the expansion of the station) and modern design, which stands out among such buildings throughout the country with high artistic values. “The design of the building was subordinated to its purpose, i.e. ensuring optimal conditions for observing train traffic” – he added.

“The building has become a permanent fixture in the architectural landscape of the Warszawa Zachodnia railway station area. It is a testimony to the awareness of designers who, taking into account the planned expansion of the station, designed a building that retains utilitarian values. It is an example of iconic architecture” – explained the conservator. “It is an example of an exemplary ability to combine utility and aesthetic aspects” – he added.

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Works on Central Square Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: MWKZ

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