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Warsaw, Wawer. Inspection at the sewage treatment plant, Wawerski Canal “under monitoring”

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A meeting was held at the Crisis Management Center on the situation in the “Cyraneczka” sewage treatment plant. – The city is not a party to this matter, but we wanted to create a space for the exchange of information and positions of all interested entities and institutions – said Monika Beuth, spokeswoman for the capital city hall.

The spokeswoman said that the meeting, which took place on January 4, was attended by representatives of all interested parties – i.e. the sewage treatment plant, which is a private facility and remains under the management of Zespół Budowy Domów Jednorodzinnych i Wielorodzinnych Sp. z o. o., the Voivodeship Inspector for Environmental Protection and PGW Wody Polskie, as well as the mayors of the Wawer and Wesoła districts. The meeting concerned the contamination of the Wawerski Canal.

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Intervention of the councillor

Piotr Grzegorczyk, councilor of the Wawer district, informed about the incident in early December. “The Provincial Inspector for Environmental Protection ordered an inspection of the Cyraneczka sewage treatment plant, which confirmed the illegal discharge of waste into the canal. The sewage treatment plant paid the largest possible fine: the entire PLN 500,” wrote Piotr Grzegorczyk on Facebook on December 8.

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In addition, a few days ago, the council from Wawer sent an appeal to the mayor of Warsaw and to the boards of the Wawer and Wesoła districts to create a crisis staff in connection with the pollution of the Wawer Canal.

The most urgent tasks

– The meeting was organized by the Security and Crisis Management Office of the capital city hall, although the city is not a party to this matter, but we wanted to create a space for the exchange of information and positions of all interested entities and institutions. By meeting at one table, the necessary actions will be better coordinated, she noted.

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She reported that during the meeting it was agreed that the most urgent task of the treatment plant is to empty the retention reservoirs and secure their banks. – Waters of Poland, on the other hand, focus on the escarpment of the Wawerski Canal, which requires stabilization. The way of functioning and securing the escarpment and reservoirs must take into account the fact that beavers live in this environment, which are under protection and constitute an important element of the ecosystem – she added.

She informed that the condition of retention tanks located at the “Cyraneczka” sewage treatment plant will be inspected by the Poviat Building Supervision Inspector in the coming days.

Tanks at the back of the Cyraneczka treatment plantArtur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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