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Warsaw, Wawer. Young people accused of killing a businessman in Anin. Two confessed

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The trial in the case of the murder of a 78-year-old businessman in Warsaw’s Anin has begun before the District Court for Warsaw Praga. Two defendants made statements at the first hearing. They both pleaded guilty. Adrian K. wants to voluntarily submit to punishment.

– I was offered five thousand zlotys for keeping an eye on Filip – Barely 18-year-old Weronika P. began her explanation before the District Court for Warsaw Praga. She was to watch over a man related to the K. family during the absence of the main defendants, Jakub K. and Karol Ł., who went to rob an Anińska villa belonging to a 78-year-old businessman, Tadeusz K. Entering the house, they woke him up and killed him – according to the indictment – by strangling him.

Weronika P. explained that she was under the influence of drugs she had been taking for a long time and needed money for them. Because when she received the proposal, her boyfriend Kacper D. was with her and she took him with her.

– He did not want to leave me alone with Filip, because he had a physical advantage over me – said the defendant at Friday’s hearing. As a result, Kacper D. also participated in the kidnapping and detention of a young man, a friend of the victim’s granddaughter, who was supposed to reveal the combination to the safe to the perpetrators. However, the numbers were incorrect.

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Weronika P., her boyfriend, and Adrian K., who had also already made an explanation, were not in the villa when the murder took place. That’s why they’re all accused of aiding and plundering.

The value of the stolen items was estimated at PLN 340,000

– The total value of the stolen property is estimated at over PLN 340,000 – said the prosecutor during the reading of the indictment. He mentioned that cash, scrapbooks with coins and stamps, valuable watches and gold jewelry were stolen, as well as a Mercedes worth over PLN 100,000.

– Karol Ł. lent me 50 zlotys earlier. He called me to take him to several places as a favor – Adrian K. explained in the courtroom. He got 5,000 zlotys. He bought an over 20-year-old BMW with them.

You could say that he was, in a way, the leader of the group. It was the bound Filip R. who was thrown into the trunk of his car. It was he who drove the main defendants near the house on Trawasta Street, although they returned alone, in a stolen car.

Adrian K.’s attorney informed the court that his client wanted to voluntarily submit to the penalty. The attorney proposed three years of imprisonment and 50,000 zlotys in compensation for the widow. This was approved by the prosecutor’s office.

After deliberation, the court stated that it would consider this request when all the defendants submitted explanations. He also rejected a request to release Adrian K.

The trial was postponed until September. Then, any explanations are to be provided by the other defendants, including those charged with murder. The court also summoned Filip R., who had the status of the aggrieved party, and the widow of the murdered businessman.

Findings of the prosecutor’s office: they kidnapped a colleague, strangled the man

The murder of 78-year-old Tadeusz K. took place in mid-January 2022. Young people decided to attack a businessman from Anin (Wawer district). They had information that the man in the house kept money and valuables in a strongbox.

On the evening of January 12, they arranged a meeting with a friend of the man’s granddaughter. They gagged him and tied him with rope. – They put him in the trunk of the car and took him to the building in Izabela. There, using mental and physical violence, they forced him to enter the code to the armored cabinet, the prosecutor’s office reported.

After obtaining the code, two of the defendants stayed with their kidnapped friend, while the others went home to Anin. – Two of them entered the property at Trawasta Street, while the third left and was supposed to pick up the men after the agreed robbery. The defendants had a rope with them, which was to be used to bind the household members if they caught them red-handed, the prosecutor’s office explained.

The accused entered the house through the open front door. At that moment, the owner of the house, sleeping in the room where the safe was, woke up. The victim was pushed onto the bed and pinned down by the weight of both defendants. When he stopped resisting, the accused tied his legs and hands, the victim was not breathing, the prosecutor’s office informed.

The 78-year-old died as a result of violent suffocation.

Four people in the dock. What allegations?

“In the indictment sent to the court, a 21-year-old and a 22-year-old are accused of murdering a 78-year-old man in connection with a robbery, and the other defendants are charged with robbery to the detriment of the victim. In addition, all of them were accused of taking a hostage and robbery on him. Four suspects were charged with committing acts related to possession of drugs. One of the accused was in possession of a firearm in the form of a gas pistol without the required permit. The accused are awaiting trial in custody, “informed the prosecutor’s office, referring the case to the court.

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