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Warsaw. Weekend disruptions in Wola, Puławska, near the Femina cinema

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During the weekend, road workers will mill the right lane of Puławska Street. In turn, tram drivers will renovate switches at the former Femina cinema. Renovations are also planned in two locations in Wola. There will be detours and changes in public transport timetables.

The capital city hall announced that the renovation of Puławska on the section from Romer to Dolina Służewiecka will start on Friday, May 24, at 10 p.m. and will last until Monday, May 27, until 4 a.m. The road towards the center will be narrowed to one lane.

Difficulties from Pilecki Street

The first changes will be introduced on Pilecki Street. Only one lane will be available for turning right into Puławska. In turn, on the section of Puławska Street from Pilecki to Romera, the far right lane will be closed, and from Romer to the junction with Dolina Służewiecka, drivers will use one lane – the left one. The Puławska Romera connection will remain open.

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You will not be able to turn right from Puławska into the Służewiecka Valley.

The detour will lead along Puławska Street and Wilanowska Avenue. It will also be possible to avoid the obstructions through the following streets: Pilecki, Ciszewskiego and Rodowicza “Anody”.

Difficulties on Puławska Street UM Warsaw

Difficulties on Jana Pawła Street

On Saturday and Sunday, May 25 and 26, tram drivers will replace switches on the track on the side of the former Femina cinema. Before the intersection with Aleja Solidarności, they will close the middle lane of Aleja Jana Pawła II, allowing driving straight towards Żoliborz. From the right, it will only be possible to turn towards Bankowy Square.

Also on the road of Aleja Solidarności to Plac Bankowy, before the intersection, one straight lane will be closed. Traffic in the remaining lanes will continue unchanged.

Pedestrians will cross the street as before, and only the zebra crossing on the works side will be narrowed.

“Trams will not run along Solidarności Avenue from Bankowy Square to Jana Pawła II Avenue. The following lines will not run on the weekend: 13 and 23, and 20 and 26 They will cross the Vistula River via the Gdańsk Bridge,” said the Public Transport Authority.

The detour of the “twenty” route will take place along Jana Pawła II, Słomińskiego, Starzyńskiego and Jagiellońska avenues. Trams number 26 will run similarly to number 20, but at the Starzyńskiego roundabout they will turn the other way and Jagiellońska and Ratuszowa will return to their route.

Additionally, to complement the connection with Prague via the Śląsko-Dąbrowski Bridge, trams of line 18 from Plac Bankowy to Żerań FSO will run through Aleja Solidarności, Targowa, Ratuszowa and Jagiellońska.

Passengers will be taken by replacement lines 73 and Z26. Trams of line 73 will run between the Kawęczyńska-Bazylika loop and Czynszowa along the following streets: Kawęczyńska, Targowa, 11 Listopada, Stalowa and Czynszowa. In turn, Z26 buses will run along Solidarności Avenue between Dworzec Wileński and Młynarska.

Difficulties at the Femina cinema UM Warsaw

Renovations in Wola

Also on the weekend, tram drivers will begin the next stage of construction of stops on Obozowa Street. On the night from Friday to Saturday, from May 24 to 25, the road of Obozowa Street towards Bemowo, from Dalibor to Ksiącia Janusz, will be closed. The disruptions will last until the end of May.

Drivers will avoid the construction site through Ciołka, Górczewska and Ksiącia Janusza streets.

The next stage of work is scheduled for the first half of June. Then the road from Deotyma to Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia will be closed – the intersection with Magistracka Street will remain open. The last stage will last for a week from mid-June: tram drivers will again close the road towards Bemowo between Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia and Długomyła Street.

Difficulties on Obozowa UM Warsaw

At the request of the Wola district, Pustola Street, from Redutowa to Sowińskiego, will be renovated. Before the works, no stopping signs will be placed along the road with information that the vehicle may be towed at the owner's expense.

The renovation was divided into two stages. The first of them will start on Sunday, May 26. At 10 p.m. road workers will close Pustola Street from Redutowa to Norwid. Drivers will have until the morning to repark their cars. The road works themselves will start on Monday, May 27, in the morning. Work will end on Wednesday, May 29, also at 10 p.m.

Drivers will not be able to drive through the renovated part of the street or through the intersection with Norwida. The obstruction detour has been marked along Sowińskiego, Olbrachta and Redutowa streets. You will be able to reach Norwid via Nakielska and Baltazara streets.

Difficulties on Pustola UM Warsaw

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