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Warsaw, Wesoła. He tried to ram random people, he will be charged with attempted murder. Process

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– My son told me that he hit a deer – the mother of the accused Jarosław K. said on Monday in court. The prosecutor’s office presented a different version of events: the 27-year-old tried to ram random people with a car in Warsaw’s Wesoła. One of them was injured.

A gray Chrysler Voyager was parked in front of his childhood home. He had a broken window. He was only supposed to say that he “hit the game”. There was a smell, as the mother testified, that he had drunk. Then he was silent. “The son was cut off,” the woman told the court. There was no contact with him anymore. In the morning, he did not tell either his mother or his wife what had happened. Later, when questioned at the prosecutor’s office, he only said “I don’t remember”.

Investigators in the indictment reconstructed what happened. Jarosław K. appeared in court. Another hearing in the case was held on Monday.

“He was clearly trying to run over the whole group”

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The event happened in September last year in Wesoła. The police began to receive information from the residents of the district about the driver of the Chrysler Voyager, who was raging on the streets and forest areas.

Reporters, as described by the police at the time, were terrified. Their reports clearly showed that the driver deliberately accelerates the car to very high speeds, and then deliberately drives into random people on the pavement, passages, sidelines.

The man tried to run over a couple picnicking near the forest. He hit a woman on one of the streets. According to the police, he “evidently tried to run over the whole group, which also included children.”

The woman who was hit was taken to the hospital with head and spine injuries and a broken leg. The rest of the people managed to jump away, avoiding injuries.

He was supposed to fix the manager’s car

A few hours later, the mother of the defendant noticed the same car with a broken windshield in the yard. His manager had brought them there earlier. Jarosław K., a mechanic by education, was supposed to fix them. By bike, as indicated by the accused’s wife and mother, interrogated on Monday, he came to his family.

By the court’s decision, he could no longer get behind the wheel. The police arrested him earlier under the influence of alcohol. The court issued a ban. The man was also charged with complicity in a fight.

– Around noon, the husband went to his parents to repair his manager’s car. In the meantime, I called him. Around 13-14 he was drunk. The husband denied it, but I was nervous because I knew that if he had a drink, he would not drive the car – said the defendant’s wife in front of the court.

Later, she added, he called her several more times, but she did not pick up. – Around 7 pm, the mother-in-law called, said that the manager’s car had a broken window – the woman testified.

After work, she went to the place.

Jarosław K. in court Tomasz Zieliński, tvnwarszawa.pl

Problem with alcohol, family relationships

What did she find out? Few. the husband was asleep. He told his mother he had lost a deer. – I wanted to find out what happened, but the son passed away, there was no contact with him – the mother of the accused testified.

Before the court, she indicated that he had been “suspended” for a while before. This has been the case since 2012, when he suffered after an argument with his father. Most part of the dissertation, the woman described Jarosław K.’s family relations with his father.

The minutes of the hearing are to be presented to the expert psychiatrists who will be questioned during the next court session.

Both the defendant’s mother and wife said on Monday that Jarosław sometimes did not remember what happened when he was under the influence of alcohol. They noted that “it doesn’t take much for him to be drunk.” The mother said that the son was planning the procedure of “alcohol insertion”, the date had already been set, but it had been stopped earlier.

He was driving without license plates

On Monday, residents also appeared in the room, who helped the police track down the accused. In a few sentences, they described meeting K. on the street. They testified that he was supposed to “move fast”, drive with “side doors open” and without license plates.

Author:Klaudia Ziolkowska

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński, tvnwarszawa.pl

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