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Warsaw. What will the new Hyundai tram be called? Voting – where can you vote?

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Each tram in Warsaw has its usual name. There are aquariums, swings, jazzy, dolphins, once there were also sausages and berlinki. What will the new vehicle from the Korean Hyundai factory be called? Out of two thousand proposals, five were selected. Voting is about to start.

According to Warsaw Trams, over two thousand proposals were received. From among those sent, the jury composed of: prof. Grażyna Majkowska, University of Warsaw; prof. Jerzy Bralczyk; University of Warsaw; Łukasz Ostoja-Kasprzycki, PoWarszawsko; Katarzyna Strzegowska, Public Transport Authority and Konrad Niklewicz, Warsaw Trams, chose five names.

The names, as reported by tram drivers, refer mainly to the Warsaw tradition. There is also a more international proposal using Latin. One that is related to Fryderyk Chopin was also indicated.

The five proposals selected by the jury are: Avant, Dryndaj, Fryderyk, Warsolino and Syreniak. Now is the time for Varsovians to decide which one is the best and reflects the spirit of the capital the most. Just vote for one of the names on a special page.

Five out of 123 are already in the capital

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There are already five out of 123 “tailor-made” vehicles in Warsaw. Three types of rail vehicles of different lengths, in unidirectional and bidirectional versions, were ordered. The longest of the new carriages will be almost 33 meters, which is 2.5 meters more than the current low-floor trams.

They will be the longest trams that have ever run on the capital’s tracks. Each of them will be able to travel up to 240 people. According to the information provided by the Warsaw Trams, the first new trams should be delivered to the capital’s tracks any day. The wagons are already homologated, they have also undergone detailed tests carried out by the employees of Warsaw Trams – the research has shown, among other things, that the wagons are economical.

The manufacturer is a Korean company

The producer is the South Korean company Hyundai Rotem.

“60 percent of the components in these vehicles come from Poland and the European Union. All the power electronic equipment was built in Warsaw and was supplied by Medcom, which cooperates with global manufacturers of rolling stock. Another Polish company based in Warsaw – ATM – comes with driving recorders. In turn, the seats for tram drivers, complicated structures with pneumatic control, are provided by the Silesian company Damiro “- informs the Warsaw Trams.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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